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Wizard 101
  • Turn based combat system blends typical MMO combat with a collectible card game touch
  • The only paid or free MMORPG similar to Harry Potter's wizard school like setting
  • Chat filters increase conversational safety
  • Players may buy their own virtual homes
  • Free basic game play with the option to subscribe or individually purchase access to new content
  • Family subscription discount plans available
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free - $10/mo Low 3D Cartoon Fantasy Low High Duels Low Medium
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crystak says:
This game is ultra-colorful. The free to play version really is a tease and eventually you will have to pay money if you want to explore and such. I did the math and it is ~$300 for a single player to purchase all the content, which is the equivalent of subscribing for 2.5 years. So, if you typically get bored and move on, subscribing is the way to go. They do offer a discount plan for subscriptions and you can link other accounts to your own. Parties can be formed on accident if you step into the battle rings that form around other people (or you can purposefully join). I never interacted with the community because it seems to be the type of thing ten year olds would be shoved to play, but you do not need it in order to play. Soloing is pretty much standard until you get deeper into the game. There are also dungeons that require the help of others.
wizard101rox says:
This is one of the most fun games. If you don\'t want to pay all the money for a membership, there is also the option of a pre-paid card. With every card you get a choice of the membership or crowns, which is what you will be able to purchase special items for your character or special places. This is a free game until level 10 or 11. Several different places to explore including Wizard City, you may also save up gold to buy your own castle. Gold is the common money you can get. With gold you will be able to buy clothing, pets, wands and more. Seven different schools to choose from, having both strengths and weaknesses. You can make friends and if you are age 13 or older you can use Text Chat. Otherwise you just use Menu Chat where you choose from a list of pre-approved phrases to say. To find out more, try playing the game!
killaxpure says:
great game, but you need subscription or crowns to stay into the game.
Kartonis says:
very good game not a lot of f2p options but its worth the ten bucks a month to play looks and runs very smooth aimed towards younger players but still fun at all ages
kayla1214 says:
been playing this game a long time. it is for all ages and easy to play. it never gets old new worlds come out to keep it interesting. the people who play are wonderful too! would highly reccomend this game for everyone :)