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Sci Fi MMORPGs primarily differ from other popular settings in that they rely on a more believable, futuristic online RPG setting. In a good sci-fi MMORPG you are presented with a world that is usually more of an advanced or alternative reality. This may include advanced technology, altered scientific principles, or changes in past history to create a new modern day. Futuristic games with advanced technology are the most common sci fi MMORPGs available, but some blend multiple "realities" to create a distinct universe. This creates an impressive array of distinction between online science fiction games.
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Planet Calypso thumbnail
Player driven economy where everything is based on real life currency so making money is possible..


1306 votes

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Trove thumbnail
First major MMO with voxels (such as in Minecraft)..


371 votes

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Atlas Reactor thumbnail
Simultaneous turn based 4v4 MOBA is a fresh, innovative idea..


82 votes

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Warframe thumbnail
Engage in cooperative action in an evolving sci-fi world...


505 votes

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Star Trek Online thumbnail
>Captain your own ship and explore distant planets through ground missions..


959 votes

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Star Conflict thumbnail
Shooter MMO with space based dog fighting combat..


151 votes

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