MMORPG Key Giveaways

Every so often we get some exclusive keys to give away. Below are a list of all of our games with current giveaways. Sometimes that means early beta access, sometimes that means free in game items. No matter what, it's always free and it's always for you.

Guardians of Divinity Giveaway

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new MMO published by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. You play as a god that has been cast from the heavens. Join the first MMO to take gods from around the world and battle with them not only on earth but also in the stars. Use a custom built spaceship to battle your enemies in space and beyond. As the chosen one you'll have the ability to morph into different gods, such as Ares, Thor, or even the Monkey Kingin your quest to return to your former position among the gods.

The Gift Pack Includes:

2X EXP Potion x1
Pickaxe x3
Gold x500k

To Redeem the Gift Pack:

1. Log into Guardians of Divinity ( to create a character and reach Level 31(very soon)
2. Click on the Hall of Rewards icon (upper right corner) and open the Gift Code tab.
3. Paste your code and get your free gift!
To receive your key for Repulse press the button below. This package will give you laser beams.

Hurry only 876 keys remain!

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