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Historical MMORPG Games

Dive into our historical MMORPG games and discover the life of living in times such as ancient Egyptian and ancient Athens civilizations. The settings are an Earth like MMORPG world which may focus on only somewhere like historic Rome or expand to the entire globe. You will find an online game with no magic, no elves, but filled with the rich events of a humanity's past in a historical MMORPG.
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Pirates Tides of Fortune

Create and level your pirate under the guidance of a veteran pirate.... More Info

371 votes

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World of Warships

Wage realistic war with naval ships from great battles of the 1900s... More Info

37 votes

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Anno Online

Based on the popular Anno game series for PC, join thousands of other seafarers to explore uncharted worlds.... More Info

447 votes

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World of Tanks

Fight in 60 person battlefields with players controlling one of 150 authentic World War II tanks... More Info

2117 votes

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Dark Age Wars

Build your small territory into a fortified base filled with an impressive army.... More Info

335 votes

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Primarily a graphical-text blended online strategy game where you construct an empire through diplomacy, economy, and military might... More Info

1038 votes

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