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World of Tanks
  • Fight in 60 person battlefields with players controlling one of 150 authentic World War II tanks
  • Level up to gain access to new, heavier tanks and improve components such as turrets, armor, engines, and more
  • In addition to random battles you can fight historic mini-campaigns and global clan wars for territory to establish military and economic superiority
  • Pure PvP experience - no singleplayer or PvE content
  • Genuine World War II online army game experience
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 3D Real Historical High Low Guild War None Low
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Skuzoid says:
Best FPS I have played, ever. Fast paced game play along with no hacks makes this game a 10/10. that was then, this is now. My ranking is a 7/10. 1. There is NO customer support 2. Someone idiot just runs into you expect that person to blame you in chat then kills you (happens a LOT) 3. More team killing, just for not scouting where someone wants you to or not moving fast enough 4. you cant turn chat off you your FLOODED with spam along with the constant ping sound from kids crying for help and map clicking 5. matchmaker is HORRIBLE. if you dont mind being a tier 3-4 having to fight tanks tier 8-9 every match then its fun. Half the matchs you get into now you cant even scratch half the tanks there. To many flaws with the game to rate it a 10. I give it a 7 and thats generous. once the newness wears off its just another game full of jerks.
Lt_Batu says:
Well first of all, there is no 60 player matches. The game, both Public Match (pubs) and Clan Wars are 15 vs 15. Overall this is one of the easiest to play and most difficult games to master! There are no hacks for this game since everything is done server side...unlike many FPS games available. To address Skuzoid\'s review. 1. he has not played many games 117 and not very good at the game. So please take his review with a grain of salt. 2. Matchmaker pairs tanks by level. There is no way a Tier 4 tank will fight a tier 9 tank unless the tier 4 tank is platooned with a higher level tank. then MM pairs the entire platoon by the highest level tank. That said, light tanks (scouts) only go to tier 5. so a Tier 5 scout will be paired with tier 10 heavy tanks. however, their role is not not to \"suicide\". unfortunately, beginning players do not understand how to play lights, it takes hundreds of games to master light tanks. 3. ALL tanks can be penetrated in matches IF you know where to shoot. All tanks (vehicles) have weak spots. The learning curve for this game is high! (no tutorial) Again it is an easy game to play, a hard game to master! 4. in game chat, well you can basically ignore it. outside of beginner games you typically do not see the massive pinging Skuzoid suggests. 5. Game is based on real physics. Shell penetration, velocity, size and distance are all considered when you shoot. it is not like an arcade where you penetrate. 6. Reading the World of Tanks Wiki (on the forum) is Mandatory! it goes into how the spotting, penetration etc. works. Again, this is the most realistic FPS available. BF3 does not come close. 7 Free to play. Well not really. And not free to play at the higher levels (Clan Wars). You will be required to purchase, at a minimum \"gold rounds\" to compete. Further, if you have a free account it will take an eternity to grind your way to tier 10 tanks. Premium accounts, roughly $15.00/mo, will give you 2x the experience per game. Experience in each tank is required to \"unlock\" the next tank. A free account is ok until you get to approximately tier 5, then the exp requirements will become so high you will want a premium account. 8. Vehicles most difficult to play. (best to worst) Heavy: easy. Soviet line is the easiest to play. IS4/IS7 are very good tier 10 tanks. Both playable in Clan Wars American: Moderate. Good guns. weak armor. T110 is a great tank at tier 10. however, lower tier US tanks lack of armor makes them easy to kill. German: Moderate. Good front armor. weak side armor good guns. E100 is almost useless in Clan Wars due to 15sec reload, slow shell speed and huge lower plate that is not armored. Maus is decent but only on certain maps due to slow speed. (Primary Clan Wars Heavy Tanks: T110/IS4/IS7) Tank Destroyers: Moderate. Use in Clan wars is limited due to the lack of turret. Mediums: Difficult to use well. Fast. weaker armor then heavy lower HP. Use in Clan Wars is limited. Used as scouts, however T110 is almost as fast as most mediums. Lacks firepower/armor. E50: decent armor and gun. good top speed. slow acceleration. T54: fast: decent gun. good front armor Patton: weak armor: good gun. fast acceleration. Good view range Batt. Fast! Fast rate of fire with loaded clip. long reload. Used as a scout in most clan wars battles. Scouts: Most difficult to play. Can be 1 shot by most heavy tanks. Very Fast. Good spotting range. Purpose: to discover enemy tanks and engage artillery when possible. Artillery: difficulty high (to be good) Long reload time, no armor, slow. God mode view and can shoot the entire map. Slow rate of fire, high damage. Must learn shell flight times and arc at various ranges to be effective. Good arty player is a sight to behold. Frustrates beginning players due to difficulty (arty players) and (tank players) because arty kills bad tank players easily from across the map. Pros: Realism = High. Graphics = above average Playability = easy Cons: Mastering the Game = difficult. System requirements = moderate to high. Internet connection = moderate to high. Only reason to play this game is to grind up several tier 10 and join in \"ultimate conquest\" or \"clan wars\". Clan Wars is the end game and will require Premium Account, spending money on Gold rounds and a lot of time playing the game. Site with Efficiency ratings for players: Most Clans (good clans) will only accept players with efficiency ratings 1200+ Average damage of 900+/game So the average player will not be accepted into the \"good\" clan wars clans who are on the map. Again easy game to play....very difficult to be good at! Free to play...Pay to win!