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Every game on What MMORPG's space MMORPG list is picked to deliver different types of gameplay. A space MMO is usually going to provide more exploration opportunities and offer an awesome space combat sim experience. Explore foreign universes and galaxies far different than our own from the comfort of your own spaceship. Choose outfits involving battleships, frigates, cruisers, missiles, lasers, shields, and more. Pilot your ships as a pirate ship or fly for the greater good. The best in online space MMORPG games and online space RPGs can be found below.
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Dark Orbit

Completely browser based space action gameplay... More Info

1111 votes

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Star Trek Online

>Captain your own ship and explore distant planets through ground missions... More Info

670 votes

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Astro Empires

Space based, massively multiplayer, empire building online strategy game on a grand scale... More Info

468 votes

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Eve Online

Largest single server universe... More Info

1385 votes

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