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War MMORPGs provide group combat for players to wage guild wars, fight in arena PvP, conquer territory or engage in faction based realm vs realm combat. While many games do offer some type of guild vs guild competition these games tend to focus on it with little to no raiding. We're not talking about skirmishes like capture the flag or battlegrounds, but full on castle siege games. Bottom line is that these multiplayer online war RPG games let you experience overpowering nations and clans for the betterment of you and your allies. At the same time you continuously grow your own character for legendary battles and wars.
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Rift thumbnail
Soul system lets you mix and match skills from 3 of 8 subclasses to create a diverse character..


868 votes

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Archeage thumbnail
Own your own personal plots of land to build castles, houses, and farms..


200 votes

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War Thunder thumbnail
Take control of highly detailed WWII era planes (and other combat vehicles) as you experience authentic aviation and combat...


1112 votes

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League of Angels thumbnail
Battle across servers in this hybrid MMORPG featuring turn-based combat...


613 votes

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World of Warships thumbnail
Wage realistic war with naval ships from great battles of the 1900s..


320 votes

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World of Tanks thumbnail
Fight in 60 person battlefields with players controlling one of 150 authentic World War II tanks..


2320 votes

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Imperia Online thumbnail
Classic feeling conquer the world MMO actually feels refreshing..


331 votes

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TERA thumbnail
Top notch action based combat with reflexes, aimed skill shots, and dodging enemy attacks..


1464 votes

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Legends of Honor thumbnail
Free browser MMORTS with factions inspired by Game of Thrones..


165 votes

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Forge of Empires thumbnail
Strategy MMO featuring Civ style technology tree, tactical combat, and customized kingdom layout..


1553 votes

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