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Perfect World
  • Territory wars offers guilds a land to fight over with 80 players per side, catapults, and defense towers and the reward of weekly gold payouts
  • Learn to fly early on (level 30 out of 100+)
  • Boasts high visual customization for a free fantasy MMORPG in character creation and dyed clothing
  • Hire a genie to help and level with your character
  • Multiple free expansions provided
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Mixed Fantasy Medium Medium Guild War Medium Medium
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elderwen says:
I love the customization of avatar that makes each avatar unique. I simply love this game, you can swim, fly, riding in a mount and a lot more!!!
-DeadlyVendetta says:
I haven\'t even had the chance to play because their account creation system wont accept certain named, without a reason give, although, gameplay itself looks rather good, graphics aren\'t the best, but are pretty high, and it\'s pretty much just like any other MMO.
Dragoonis69 says:
started to play this and loved it but my old pc gave out finally now that I have much better and new laptop that can handle all the gamers need I back into it .