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Children are more often turning to gaming for entertainment. Kids MMORPG games are the perfect solution to creating a place where imagination can floruish. To provide safe, fun online games for children, developers are now creating made for kids MMORPGs so the content and community is appropriate. Whether you are young yourself or a parent looking for a family game you should compare the selection of mmo for kids to see which is best for you.
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Wizard 101 thumbnail
Turn based combat system blends typical MMO combat with a collectible card game touch..


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Monkey Quest thumbnail
Combines platformer gaming with MMORPG in a kid friendly environment..


1046 votes

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Jumpstart thumbnail
Educational MMORPG focused on young kids with good safety preferences for parents..


905 votes

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Roblox thumbnail
Design your own places, worlds, and even games with Lego like creation tools..


1964 votes

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Habbo thumbnail
Almost purely a graphical chat lobby with several fun mini-games between players..


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DDTank thumbnail
Gameplay similar to Scorched Earth and Worms but with persistent characters, leagues, and item upgrade system - players must angle their shots and gauge wind to hit their opponents..


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