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Play the best 3D MMORPGs and enter an immersive mmo where you see through your characters eyes in a specialized first person mmo view or an over the shoulder view. Whether it's piloting naval cruisers, swinging a golf club, or repelling the zombie horde, it's simply easier to get into with 3D online games. No matter what you're looking for in gameplay you will at least have graphics covered. Compare our paid and free 3D mmorpgs from the great selections listed here.
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Neverwinter thumbnail
Explore and defend Neverwinter, an extremely popular city from Dungeons & Dragons, as it rebuilds after its partial destruction...


1052 votes

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Rift thumbnail
Soul system lets you mix and match skills from 3 of 8 subclasses to create a diverse character..


867 votes

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Archeage thumbnail
Own your own personal plots of land to build castles, houses, and farms..


199 votes

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Planet Calypso thumbnail
Player driven economy where everything is based on real life currency so making money is possible..


1226 votes

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Winning Putt thumbnail
3D golfing simulator with long term MMO style character growth..


118 votes

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Lord of the Rings Online thumbnail
Experience an evolving storyline with free updates in a comfortable fantasy MMORPG setting, Middle Earth..


2128 votes

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SkyForge thumbnail
Sci-Fi MMORPG with multi-classing and deep character customization with over a thousand choices..


415 votes

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War Thunder thumbnail
Take control of highly detailed WWII era planes (and other combat vehicles) as you experience authentic aviation and combat...


1110 votes

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World of Warships thumbnail
Wage realistic war with naval ships from great battles of the 1900s..


317 votes

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Runes of Magic thumbnail
Dual class system for customized but balanced play styles..


812 votes

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