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The typical expectations for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese MMORPGs is to play an "asian grinder". This translates to you repetitively fighting creatures to slowly level up and even the best korean MMO featured this. However, more modern asian online games are changing this and adopting a "western" approach to make gameplay more casual.

Asian MMORPG games offer a unique graphical style from their western counterparts. They exhibit an almost anime feel in terms of artwork and animation. It's easy to be in awe of these games because even low level combat looks spectacular.
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Magerealm thumbnail
Fully browser based legitimate fantasy MMORPG..


301 votes

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ASTA thumbnail
MMORPG with a focus on Asian culture, zone wide events, and guild vs. guild..


125 votes

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Perfect World thumbnail
Territory wars offers guilds a land to fight over with 80 players per side, catapults, and defense towers and the reward of weekly gold payouts..


1224 votes

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Elsword thumbnail
2D side scrolling, anime style MMORPG..


972 votes

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4story thumbnail
Play a high level character during the tutorial..


476 votes

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