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Select from the best indie games in the MMO genre. Each indie MMORPG is picked to highlight at least one feature that is missing from the rest of the mainstream games. Most indie MMORPGs are free indie games that are developed by a small or one person team that replaces time and money with passion. We do rotate the best indie games so occasionally you will see radically different list. Enjoy our indie mmo games below.
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EUO thumbnail
At it's core, a MMORPG with story and stylings tapered from the original tile based Ultima games..


684 votes

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Sagramore thumbnail
Realtime, 2D, browser MMO with cool 'retro' feeling sprite based characters..


530 votes

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New 1000 AD thumbnail
Semi-turn based strategy MMO set in medieval times..


599 votes

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Monster MMORPG thumbnail
Pet capturing and raising MMORPG exhibits the strong resemblence of a Pokemon MMORPG..


515 votes

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Mech Hero thumbnail
Mech empire builder, online strategy game with fully customizable units..


647 votes

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Puppet Guardian thumbnail
Combines board game feel with heavy crafting and gathering features..


537 votes

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