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You may enjoy any type of setting but for some nothing beats horror MMORPGs. Fight hordes of zombies while running from skeleton armies in select horror mmorpg games with a dark universe. These clearly aren't your prototypical worlds filled with knights and wizards but a new macabre game in a gritty world. Whether it be a horrific journey in space similar to the thriller Dead Space or a gothic MMO, you will be on the edge of your seat with these games. Are you ready for a scary and dark MMORPG?
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Wolf Team thumbnail
Werewolf vs. marine fast paced FPS combat..


1035 votes

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Dead Frontier thumbnail
Play the only zombie survival themed horror MMORPG..


1038 votes

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Requiem Memento Mori thumbnail
>Fight increasingly difficult monsters near midnight..


800 votes

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Dark Eden thumbnail
The first and only online vampire MMORPG..


908 votes

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