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High Resolution MMORPG Games

High-Res MMORPGs offer a graphical experience that is the most immersive, real feeling game for the player. With next gen graphics and advanced particle effects, the typical high resolution MMO will draw the oohs and aahs of your friends. The drawback is you may want to invest in a high end gaming computer, or your favorite hi res MMORPG could be disappointing at best or a beautiful slideshow at worst.
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Guild Wars 2 thumbnail

Action-oriented combat, deep personal storylines, epic dynamic events, world vs world PvP, and no subscription fees... More Info

517 votes

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TERA thumbnail

Top notch action based combat with reflexes, aimed skill shots, and dodging enemy attacks... More Info

1135 votes

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Lord of the Rings Online thumbnail

Experience an evolving storyline with free updates in a comfortable fantasy MMORPG setting, Middle Earth... More Info

1843 votes

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World of Tanks thumbnail

Fight in 60 person battlefields with players controlling one of 150 authentic World War II tanks... More Info

2133 votes

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Eve Online thumbnail

Largest single server universe... More Info

1407 votes

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Star Trek Online thumbnail

>Captain your own ship and explore distant planets through ground missions... More Info

690 votes

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Age of Conan thumbnail

Mature, fantasy epic well crafted in the world of Conan the Barbarian... More Info

918 votes

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