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There's something special about the art in cartoon MMORPGs or other animated games online. The vibrant colors, the smooth animations, and the immersement in a world where anything is possible is hard to resist. Or maybe it's just that a multiplayer cartoon style mmorpg that can run a medium to low end computer. Anything in the style of an RPG comics game will have a lower polygon count and require less for your computer to render and process. This makes animated rpgs some of the most popular online PC games in the market today, regardless of genre.
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Revelation Online thumbnail
Casual free MMO that integrates flying into its core gameplay mecahnics..


193 votes

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Elsword thumbnail
2D side scrolling, anime style MMORPG..


1560 votes

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Grand Fantasia thumbnail
Colorful, anime inspired graphics fantasy MMORPG..


1464 votes

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Lost Saga thumbnail
Fun beat 'em up fighter with a lot of modes for PvP, PvE, and team battles..


536 votes

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Wizard 101 thumbnail
Turn based combat system blends typical MMO combat with a collectible card game touch..


2736 votes

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Goodgame Empire thumbnail
Online strategy game where players build up castles and armies with some unique resources such as entertainment..


897 votes

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