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Action MMORPGs stray from the traditional, repetitive, hotkey mashing gameplay of common online games. This page is complete with FPS MMO games with gameplay like Quake in a persistent world and includes other forms of reflex oriented, twitch based combat. Those looking for frantic fighting army games online should be able to find an action MMORPG that closely resembles what they want to play. What separates this list from typical shooters and army games online is the ability to develop a persistent character in an ongoing universe. These exciting FPS MMO and action games will get your heart pulsing fresh off the install.
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Top notch action based combat with reflexes, aimed skill shots, and dodging enemy attacks... More Info

476 votes

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War Thunder

Take control of highly detailed WWII era planes (and other combat vehicles) as you experience authentic aviation and combat.... More Info

318 votes

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Drakensang Online

Java based Drakensang MMO game inspired by Diablo's hack & slash style with a more open ended world... More Info

1051 votes

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Prime World

This MOBA features players stuck in a state of conflict between warring nations.... More Info

147 votes

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World of Tanks

Fight in 60 person battlefields with players controlling one of 150 authentic World War II tanks... More Info

1757 votes

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League of Legends

Free online strategy game based Warcraft's Defense of the Ancients mod (DotA)... More Info

2247 votes

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Ultimate Naruto

Based on the popular series Naruto, players of this action style RPG can assume the role of their favorite characters.... More Info

59 votes

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Mech Warriors Online

Tactical BattleMech simulation set in 3049 AD.... More Info

207 votes

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World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is the second installment in the historical battle simulators that include the popular game World of Tanks.... More Info

101 votes

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Pirate Storm

Naval combat centric brower based MMORPG... More Info

330 votes

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