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Western MMORPG Games

A western MMO is generally categorized by being west of Asia. Whether the art style offers high tech graphics or a classic cartoony feel these is definitely somethign unique about western MMORPGs. They offer lower grinding, are more often subscription based and most western online games focus on PvE end game content instead of PvP. Choose from today's top American games online and European MMORPGs.
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Star Wars The Old Republic

Play as Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Storm Trooper, and other classic Star Wars professions... More Info

1236 votes

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Choose to play one of many gods and godlike personas, ranging from well known to obscure, each with their own special powers.... More Info

392 votes

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Wizard 101

Turn based combat system blends typical MMO combat with a collectible card game touch... More Info

2160 votes

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Dungeons and Dragons Online

Fast, action RPG requires players to manually swing weapons, cast spells, and use feats... More Info

1369 votes

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Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms

Slow speed, world domination RTS with popular Heroes of Might and Magic features with 5 factions to recruit... More Info

577 votes

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Urban Rivals

Unique blend of CCGs and strategy MMORPG where cards in your deck level up as you play... More Info

786 votes

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Click on the game maker name or download button from the above Western MMORPG Games to start playing today. Both of these links will take you the game's official website where you can register and download the game for free. Note that these games are produced with an American or European style. If you are interested in something close a wild west game then look at our historical MMO list.

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