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Mabinogi (2008) - Official Site
  • Deep sandbox experience where characters can learn fighting and life sklls, age, and change looks based on eating habits
  • Tactical, manual combat requiring anticipation of enemy moves and proper skill use
  • Classless system allows free form skill pathing
  • Take part in "fantasy life" with farming, traditional trade skills, composing music, cooking, & more
  • Various quests offered for combat, group play, exploration, and trade skills
  • Regular plot line and gameplay updates
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Cartoon Fantasy High Medium Arenas High High
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ChuBird says:
Fun game, but run by a terrible company. Nearly unlimited customization, able to be amazingly unique through the use of dyes on clothing. Giants tend to have limited clothing/appearance options, however. Hackers/modders are having fun ruining the game for just about anyone in NA, causing inflation of the in-game economy and(until recently) forcing the game clients of everyone around them to crash. Currently going through a lot of down time, server crashes cause loss of rare, dyed, expensive items, that are often returned without the original colors(most people have to pay real money for the dyes to get the item in the color they want), enchants(hard to get sometimes), or upgrades. PvP isn\'t just arena, there are \'factions\'(elf, giant, and humans can side with either), you could say, that can kill each other anywhere, anytime, as long as their PvP option is on.