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City of Heroes
  • Play City of Villians at no additional cost
  • Oldest, most content filled superhero MMORPG
  • Design completely unique super hero costumes
  • Create custom quests and missions
  • Intuitive easy to learn gameplay interface
  • Combine a large array of comic book super powers, choosing from available sets based on your archetype
  • Free City of Heroes content updates

Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free to $14.99/mo Medium 3D Cartoon Superhero High High Zone Based Medium High
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bjray says:
dakota says:
it is so cool
crystak says:
I played this game for several years before the economic crunch. It is a wonderful game, full of plenty to do. The max level is 50, you get about 30 powers total that will matter to you, and the upgrades you can give the powers are permanent when you use an Invention version. The in-game market was a little inflated last I checked, but I think that is due to the population explosion so there are more people trying to manipulate the market. The powers you get in this game are certainly -super feeling much of the time, which is great. Things you can do: participate in a costume contest (maxed chars get bored!) - but do not be afraid if you lose, it is all a matter of personal preference. Go on a task force, a set of missions that get you extra rewards. Go to a MA mission, designed by you or someone else. Design a super base. PvP in the arena or on special maps. Switch sides from good to evil and back again. Defeat super bosses (Arch-villains, arch-heroes). Collect salvage and craft recipes. Participate in events like Rikti invasions or holiday-centric events. Get badges - there is a badge for nearly everything! Try to expand your super group, etc. The great thing about this game is that you do NOT have to be the same level as your friends. They built a system to change the levels of all group members to within the range of the party leader. You can party with anyone at any time (provided they are the correct alignment or the map allows you to ignore alignment, such as Rikti War Zone.) Also, once you hit max level (50), you unlock two extra types of beings that you can choose at character creation. And, once you have just about played yourself out, you can discover the immense back story of the game by actually reading the missions.
IrishBiscuits says:
played this game for many many years, wonderful game. Even better that it just went free to play :D