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Forsaken World
  • Blends world mythology to create a new mythological world with typical fantasy classes but also vampires
  • Automatic movement to quest locations and an activity assistant based on free play time
  • Can display 'social clothes' instead of armor to maintain an appearance without affecting stats
  • Unique pets and zodiac system adds customization
  • PvP starts only in late levels but has a cool soul system that knocks soul orbs out of players onto the battlefield to pick up and power up whoever grabs them
  • Very limited race/class combos and generic combat
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 3D Mixed Mythology Low High Guild War Medium Medium
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Anonymous says:
I hope this review will be helpful to players that invest their time, energy and money into their favorite games... When i started FW, I LOVED the game. The positive points to this game are many. For example, leveling to 60 is now fairly fast, with enhancements that are free and game play that is interesting. So cash shop spending isn\'t super high to have a good bit of fun at these levels for PVE. For PVP, that is another story :) The game is visually beautiful, and the character creation is advanced so that one can be quite unique in selecting what they look like. Later with Cash Shopping, one can have fashion, to add to your personal style, without changing the stats of your armor. If you like to read, there is a good story line to the game that progresses thru quests and dungeons. Many players are married in game, and there are quests that raise the happiness points of a marriage. Leveling past 70 is much more effort. Once you reach the highest level, there are so many ways that a character needs to be enhanced that it still takes much effort to be exceptional. So all and all for a casual gaming experience, it is one of the best out there for the 70 and below game. If you want to be exceptional in your gaming, be prepared to spend alot of real cash on this \"free\" game in order to have a rewarding experience. There are some really active Cash Shoppers that make it so that to do PVP, for example, one has to really do heavy Cash Shopping to just compete and not be slaughtered. In the first year i played, i probably spent over $1500, just to play at a fun level PVE. My character did have nice fashion, a good mount, but my mastery stopped at 42, I had not that high of resistances, and my gear was pretty good at PVE, but not the best. I could not really compete in PVP on that budget. This is because people max out very expensive options, and I just didn\'t have that kind of cash. My gaming experience was rather mediocre after Nightfall came out, and there were more things that demanded my cash. Also with Nightfall came a high amount of time needed for sheer grinding of a ton of the same mobs each day and week, based on your level. Depending on your specs, and class, most people need a group to do this grinding. And it is excessive grinding if you want to build up your new Nightfall skills. For people that have plenty to spend on a game like this, don\'t mind grinding, and lots of time to play it, it can be awesome fun. I know of one person that was a really good player that didn\'t cash shop and somehow managed to have a decent character. He played hard, had many support characters to help him get gems and such, and had help getting into instances. He was a really skilled player, and could do alot with a little. He left the game because of the heavy Cash Shoppers ruining the experience for him. On the server I was playing on, one guild was mostly all High Cash shoppers (I didn\'t even compare), had the best money could buy in wings, resists, and mastery. The guild had a monopoly on the best spawns, for the gear that people needed in the higher levels and to compete at the highest levels. In order to get these drops you had to be a member of the guild, and membership is limited to I think 250/per guild. I remember that they had a policy that if anyone in the guild didn\'t like you, they would ban you from joining. So that was frustrating also, but each guild leader can do what ever he/she wants with their guild. The guild i was in was their main competition. Every so often they would recruit some of our best players, but others weren\'t aloud to join for one reason or another, to be with their friends, so it was a real drama fest in guilds sometimes when their best players went to the monopolizing guild to have better game play, leaving their original guilds weaker, and long time friends behind. I personally hate drama. I don\'t like it when any guild has a monopoly on spawns. I got where i couldn\'t afford to spend so much real money on FW, only to have mediocre play. So as much as I hate to leave a game where I had great friends, felt heavily invested in my character, with time, effort, and they money I had put into her development, but at the end of the day I was frustrated because I couldn\'t play to the best of my ability, compared to others who had more Cash to invest in FW that monopolized the good stuff--I am here looking for a different game. Hope this was a help. And good luck!
Kartonis says:
This game is by far one of my favorites. The quests are rather bland sometimes but there are also alot of exp boosts and specials in game which make it incredibly easy to level up at the start. very good game and in my opinion better than perfect world by far.