Recommended Free MMOs for PvE

by Natasha Kovic

Gamers understand that there is probably no greater experience as playing PvE MMORPGs. The concept of felling a beast that seems quite impossible to defeat brings forth a challenge and the victory is over-whelming. Grouping up with other players in these MMOs forms a sense of community and a lasting bond that other online games don't offer. Over the years, free MMORPGs have constantly evolved to provide new challenges for their players. We as gamers are always looking for new challenges to conquer and conquering them with your friends is the best way to do it!

There are a lot of free MMORPGs though so deciding what's best for PvE can be challenging. There are so many games after all! We wanted to do a piece focusing on games where the biggest opponent is the game. This offers gamers the opportunity to exploit their creativity and imagination. The following are six of the best MMORPG games for free that we recommend if grouping, raids, dungeons, and quest PvE appeal to you.

lotro recommended free mmo

Lord of the Rings Online

This free to play game offers a fantasy MMORPG genre setting that unfolds as with a legitimate story line. The completion of one stage unfolds something new as the story continues to progress for the player. It comes with a 3D real style that is captivating and lore centric classes that truly immerse the player. As players progress, content gets even juicier as the story turns you towards acquiring legendary equipment. Player group challenges in select zones and party combo attacks make for a group grouping experience. With monster play, even the PvP is like PvE.

Of course the characters resemble those in the book/movie “Lord of the Rings”. You'll recognize all the typical races and monsters and be treated to select characters to interact with. Though it is a free MMO as you start to play, some content will only be available by paying money. You can do this at your leisure though and unlock content when you are ready to tackle new challenges. Other than that, take on the quests to level and start growing your character's place in Lord of the Rings Online.

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Runes of Magic

Gamers who are into the fantasy genre will appreciate the graphics and character build-up of Runes of Magic. Advance from one level to another by engaging in quests (or sieges if you like to mix in PvP). Take on the ongoing war against other guilds or entire servers. The graphics come with a 3D mixed style and a customizing ability so that you can spice up the game and make it your own. In an effort to boost customization, it features a dual class system that also offers balanced play styles.

It offers more than 1000 different quests with several story lines. Aim at defeating foes and you will be rewarded with monster cards, which will in turn serve as stat boosters. As you play, randomly generated dungeons maximize replay. This will also ensure that you do not take on the same scenery, which can be boring. The mounts as well as armor looks outstandingly amazing. The style and progression of Runes of Magic really reminds me of World of Warcraft with Diablo's random dungeons, but it's completely free to play.

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Skyforge is the ultimate MMORPG when it comes to instanced mission content. There is a bit of open world exploration with progressively higher zones, but that content is reminiscent of typical quest driven MMORPGs. Where the cool new stuff is in the instanced missions. Players will get rewarded with multiple different currencies depending on the missions so certain missions will be preferable depending on the player goals. Additionally, players can choose difficulty levels and will receive two challenges to complete for bonus rewards. And don't worry if you are a solo player – the game will quickly find you a group.

Skyforge recommended free mmo

The character customization options also set Skyforge apart. If you like playing multiple classes and action combat you will get hooked on Skyforge. The classes are also pretty unique for a sci-fi MMORPG. They sort of feel like sci-fi meets superhero. Anyway, the skill grid is like Path of Exile and EXP for grid unlocks comes at a reasonable pace so there's always some stat upgrade or new ability within sight. Eventually the player can even become a true deity which will unlock some crazy powerful abilities.

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This MMO game features top-notch action based combat system that uses heavy to make it feel as real as action gamers would like. Play by aiming skill shots while at the same time dodging enemy attacks. Every victory takes players closer to the rank of Vanarch with the ability to rule over areas of land. For a gamer looking to customize on their skills, TERA allow some great options for choosing how to engage in combat. Although it takes some time to get to the customization, it really does pick up as players get deeper into the game. In fact, a lot of TERA's amazingness is hidden until around level 20 so if you download TERA make sure to give it a long enough try before deciding.

There are PvP options of course too with the typical epic battles of good MMORPGs. But this is about PvE, and I will tell you that the content here is great once you get past the early game. Dungeons in TERA are incredibly rewarding both in terms of gameplay and loot drops. The unique enemies that make these dungeons and group quests so great are BAMs (Big Ass Monsters). They deal incredible damage and are fearsome foes that will require the player to use class knowledge and player skill in order to survive.

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Wizard 101

Players who love settings similar to that in Harry Potter will love Wizard 101, not only because it has a similar Harry Potter wizard school setting but also because it is free. In an effort to increase conversational safety, it comes with chat filters. The players get to buy their own virtual homes. If you are looking to venture into more content, you can choose to subscribe or individually purchase access to new goods. It's definitely a very family friendly MMORPG so if you want PvE with your children or even parents, this might be a good choice.

Wizard 101 recommended free mmo

Further enhancing the family element, you can make it even more affordable when choosing to make a purchase from family subscription discounts plans. The creativity and the combination of characters are captivating. The 3D cartoon style is popular with the younger generation but it is fun for players of all ages who understand what gaming is all about. As you play, it exposes you to new worlds with unique art styles. The combat is also turn based so if you are worried about dexterity keeping you down, Wizard 101 will not disappoint.

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Players who love the anime fantasy genre will love this game. It brings combat to a whole new level. It a free to play manga themed MMORPG allowing players to take on heroic roles. Occasionally, new heroes or new versions of already existing heroes will be provided to spice up the game. The dungeons in Elsword are fun, mainly because of the combat in the game. It's a side scrolling action brawler. Imagine playing Super Smash Brothers but with a persistent world and an MMO character that grows as you play.

Alternatively, you can take on individual fights or fight in groups. Though the game provides a list of pre-determined fighters for its players to choose from, you will be able to customize your character's appearance to how you look. Some character's abilities come as combinations of different heroes allowing you to exploit the different capabilities each character holds at a given time.

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The above are some free MMOs that are capturing the market and for the right reasons too. These recommended free MMOs for PvE offer players with customizing ability, great characters, story, group friendly content, or tough dungeons to satisfy gamers of all needs with imaginations of all types.