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War of Legends
  • Gameplay revolves around managing your own empire - including recruitment, research, and city construction
  • Flash based client that requires no download
  • Recruit legends that can lead armies and level up in various stats
  • Setting intermixes ancient BC China alongside fantasy MMORPG elements

Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 2D Browser Fantasy Low Medium Open PvP Low Low
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jaekobcaed says:
This game is developed by the Asian developer, Ultizen, and published by Jagex from the UK (makers of RuneScape and the upcoming Transformers Universe). It is a fun game with pretty nice graphics for an RTS. I tried games like Evony before they went off the deep end with the women clad in tiny amounts of clothing in advertisements, and while it was okay, it seemed to be lacking something. War of Legends fills in on that. It gives the player the experience of being a general in ancient China. You build your cities from the ground-up, and can continually upgrade them to the point of becoming a Legendary City (I believe that\'s what they\'re called). You recruit legends, who act as commanders in battle. The more legends and the higher their levels are will determine how many troops you can have. As with any RTS, this game continues in real-time, so you want a strong defence to keep invaders out. The game is time-consuming if you want to get anywhere in it, sometimes taking days at a time to build to the next building tier once you get to higher tiers. However, it\'s a lot more rewarding. There\'s an online webshop where you can buy WoLCash with real-life money to purchase certain items for your cities or legends. However, as your lead legend gains favour in the court of the Jade Emperor, you not only gain in-game benefits, but Voucher points as well, allowing you to purchase items as you would with WoLCash. In the game, you can join or create your own alliance, who therefore, can ally with other alliances or go to war with them. Each alliance can either side with the Shang or the Zhou sides; Shang and Zhou are brothers warring for the Jade Emperor\'s throne. The gameplay is rather unique, but it retains the elements of most RTS games, so it\'s not like you\'d be an alien in a foreign land if you\'ve played other RTS\'s before. The game itself is rather fun, and once you start hitting higher levels and building tiers, you can go out and attempt to conquer other lands, including cities that belong to other players. 9/10 :)