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Thirst of Night
  • Flash based, vampire themed empire builder with typical, expected features of the genre
  • Solid strategy game but brings no innovations
  • Good quests serve as a solid tutorial
  • Reasonable number of different troops but not much else to differentiate your empire
  • Manage tax levels to bring greath wealth while maintaining strong morale
  • Visuals, sound, and music are top notch for the browser based empire builder genre
  • Will mainly appeal to vampire/horror fans and those who like playing a game when it first opens
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 2D Browser Horror Low High Open PvP None Low
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chucky1565 says:
ive played the game for over 2 months now, and my playing experience has been horrible, this title, along with many other Kabam titles, is riddled with hacks, poor customer service, and so many bugs that there is rarely a 24hr period that goes by where the game is actually functioning as intended, even after thousands and thousands of complaints filed on the games forums by thousands and thousands of its paying players, Kabam just sweeps its complaints under the rug, and threatens the ppl that file them with banning their accts...that said, i do like the idea of the game, but with other kabam titles, it has fallen victim to the same problems that has plagued the honest players of other kabam titles, and unless kabam can get their acts together, i do believe there will be more and more of reviews such as this...word will get out....getting in touch with Kabam is nearly impossible, due to auto-response programs utilized to deal with every problem anyone encounters, when you try to call them, the automated answering service directs you to a mailbox that is consistantly full, and i doubt very seriously, that the ppl leaving the messages are singing praises to them
sheenaese says:
Kabam lets players that spend a bit of money get away with cheating, and players that play free that cheat they ban, here is the cheat they are all using or similar ones, all you have to do is install grease monkey into firefox, then install the script, refresh the game the script is there, you hit attack, then u enter the red blood camp you wish to hit, then u put in the troop type and how many, you want to send, just make sure it is enough to take the red blood camp you are going to, then hit zerg, then enter, wait a bit and done, then u clean ur cache when done, you see players going up to 30mil power, and stuff, yet they do nothing, and a player that gains a lil bit like 2mil they ban, its a shame they are selective and not fair, i say we all cheat and have them ban everyone, they do nothing when people cheat, for weeks and weeks, and well allot of times never, they want players to say who cheats, how do they really know who is cheating, i will make it my job to make sure everyone know3s how to cheat, and screw kabam that way, the game is very addicting and they try to scam you out of allot of money