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Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Play as Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Storm Trooper, and other classic Star Wars professions
  • Fight for the dark side or light side
  • Story based gameplay offers awesome plot lines and exciting moral choices
  • Own your own starship and engage in space fights
  • Recruit multiple NPC characters that will offer interesting conversation topics
  • Legacy system provides players more to do after reaching max level by playing new characters in their "legacy"
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 3D Mixed Sci Fi High High Arenas Medium Medium
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VideoGameGuides101 says:
This is by far one of the MMORPGs of all time. From the start, you will be introduced to the game with multiple cinematic trailers. You will soon find yourself choosing and customizing your character. Though your choices for customization are not great, your character will defiantly be unique. The story line is completely based on your choices and is very realistic in almost every way; from graphics to voices. The storyline is ultimately infinite, unless you spend 23 hours on your pc every day. With many gear and clothing items, you will always be shopping whether at a galactic kiosk or at local vendors. Graphics earn a solid 7, and so does usability. At absolutely no cost, it has earned #1 on our Top-Ten list of free MMORPGs. Gameplay is decently realistic. And boot-up earns a 10 for no load time. Everything is \"pre-loaded\" upon installation which will last for hours, at least on our studio computers. For more information, go to