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  • Factional PvP battlegrounds at every level tier
  • Multiple difficulty modes with character bonuses for higher difficulties, the highest of which includes perma-death
  • Improve faction ranking and gain exclusive rewards through PvP
  • Several unique mounts including a dragon
  • Over 15 unique raid dungeons
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Mixed Fantasy Medium High Faction War Low Low
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User Reviews & Comments:

kheladu says:
I played this game for about 4-5 years now. This is good game looks like new administrators are much better than older one. I like this game
crystak says:
I love the engine behind Shaiya, it seems to be basically the same as RF Online, my favorite MMO. I just do not like medieval type fantasy games, so I no longer play it.
thornnnnnnnn says:
Greifing is prevalent in this game. A higher level can prevent you from gaining experience, ie killing everything around you in one hit so you get NO kills. These are all common area\'s where there are lot of others there is always someone \"stealing your kills\" \"THEY\" need the quest and kills too, so basically it\'s a design flaw in the game that rewards people who abuse other people playing the game to get ahead. This game is poorly designed, i\'d stay away from it. This game got my lowest possible rating.
boyka94 says:
Nice :)
Vlajko says:
great game
ShaiyaVeteranXPlayer says:
Coming from a person who has been with the community for 5+ years, im going to put it STRAIGHT. this game, back when it first started, was indeed, the most EPIC game i\'ve played. it had all the right elements for fun. everything was balance, from earning money to buy stuff and link stuff, to PVP. now 5 years later, the game is Failing with each passing day. everytime i read a forum bout GM\'s FINALLY starting to work on the game, it really turns out that they\'re working on getting more people to BUY AP from them, to SPEND on the game. Right now, as the game stands, it is Indeed, Free to Play. but its actually Pay to Win. without AP in the game, u CANT compete with other sin pvp. pretty much ur playing the game to quit. i\'ve went to a max of $50-75 a week, before relizing that i was STILL falling behind in pvp. these updates that are being made for the game, are just for the rich ap buyers to enjoy. the Top Guild are the ones who control the game, and the Top Guilds dont care weather the game lives, or dies. im not saying its a bad game, no. its a good game. but it\'s becoming unplayable at higher levels. everyday, people are quiting due to the lack of Customer support, and terrible service. i only joined this site, to state my review, because everytime one would make a True Comment post on the game forums, either the forum mod or the GM will delete the post. so yea, my review. it\'s all true. ive played enough to know what it was like to what it is now. long story short, Shaiya Sucks Ass. now, an Alternative game, that is revatively new, free to play, excellent customer service, and very easy to keep-up with the game, Forsaken World by Perfect World Entertainment. check out the first look review @ utube > forsaken world first look.
8u8u says:
tomas44x says:
carolyynn says:
they fixed ksing and i play for just the fun spend very little money and mostly do the quests the few quilds i joined didnt like it if u didnt play a lot so they would kick u out so im a lone \"wolf\"
ZoeyBlue says:
this icecream promo is a sham..came in here and registered at their site just to get a invalid code. Not like I lost alot to begin with. Just wonder how many more got the same.
sabbir2world says:
I got the cream !! yam yamm! lol... As a online game.. Shaiya is awesome .... but if u can\\\'t afford to spend AP... it will be boring for u !! That\\\'s bad... indeed :( ...anyway cheers ! :D
bewska says:
Shaiya is an awesome game. Been playing it for 4 years now and will continue playing it ;)
remnikalija says:
nice game
Saulyte88 says:
shodan1997 says:
no icecream BOOOOOO!! to you MMORPG!
idkfamfb says:
This game is the best game i have ever played but AP buyers KILL The game Rich fools vs poor fools who work there ass off
eXuAls says:
can u see how cheep AG\\\'s are? one Ice Cream?
gempm says:
mimivivi37 says:
GR-6QNH-4ZFT-YE0V-4G5A Also no icecream.... Shouldnt have signed up now i am gonna get emails from this site
OdinsFiRe says:
love this game
jedisonu3 says:
love this game
Chay9 says:
How do i get the Ice Cream?
gemabee says:
Good game but has a high price tag :)
darthhell says:
1 v ice YeY
forester3 says:
GR-8SGX-78KD-RQYG-MCHG no ice cream
FunBowZ says:
I love this game so much I\\\'ve been told I need to find a support group....
krissy01 says:
Game is in the shits but its the only game i know where u can actually have a custom build ( in stats ) I dont like games like \"forsaken world\" or \"guild wars\" there is no real custom stat system I guess i like the customization of stats because when I first started gaming long ago I played Diablo and it had the customization of your own stat build so.... I\'m stuck in shaiya... until diablo3 comes out but then again it doesnt look so great same views as diablo 1 and 2.... if it had a view like shaiya i\'d be all over it... but nope...
crazyeyes says:
great game but u need the $$\'s to survive
manicbeast says:
this game by far out dose most mmo,s online are seriously intense,the lvling and guilds are a step above those in most games ive played.choices of toons and there classes are great the male and female exspeacally are a great thing giving on a choice and if wanted alter ego.i,ve been inthrawled and emersersed in this game from the first play.spells and weapons are great as well as are the quests normal and you add the abillaty to chat while playing is unreal.a 5 star game in my book. I beleave that most anyone whos into rpgs will fall in love and stay here for years to come.just the range of ages and countries is a bonus thanks to all who made this possable, i,ll be playing on as long as im able great job!
Steponyou2 says:
I Love this game..
carnivore_spider says:
I like Shaiya, but there are some issues with the game, as there are in any game. Fortunately, it is a better game than Forsaken world, which just plain sucks. The character movement in FW is very limited. Given a comparison of the two, Shaiya is ten times better.
kasoreef says:
shaiya is hard game to play...i like it...:))
marabahaya says:
awsome...:) btw looking forward for next update...:) gj shaiya
giziakegyetlen says:
kara.zor.el says:
thx for vanilla icecream :)
Choco.Mucho says:
Sweet tasty! lol _inv as buddy at fury laillah > choco.mucho
deadlylife says:
pretty good game so long as got buddies to play wiht cha
Ferdike says:
good game 1 year playing:) addicted
Mad_Moosehead says:
Shaiya is a game that had a lot of potential, however AGE\'s focus on bleeding as much money from players as possiable has made it impossiable to compete if you are not willing or able to spend hundreds of dollars a month. It is certainly not recommended to new players. The only thing the game still has going for it is an outstanding community. I currently only log on to socialise with my guild, which is growing smaller and smaller as many people quit over the downward spiral of the game.
DrawningGirl says:
Love my bf ^ hihi :D
Smrt says:
Best game ever <3
Henux says:
what \"Mad_Moosehead\" said
icewolfx says:
nice game
wal_tod says:
chicox91 says:
Thanks for the ice cream
wewewe says:
shaofengjp says:
ty :)
wewewewe says:
GR-RTWV-2YTU-RMRT-B01D i dont play shaiya anymore lol it\'s yours
cakrasayaka says:
mantab coy
Dull00 says:
shaiya sucks, that is all...
fabio says:
The game used to be awesome before they introduced this shitty lapisia...
CrystalTiger says:
I have been playing this game for quite a while, & I have to say that it is a lot like World of Warcraft, which is exactly what attracted me to it. Want to play World of Warcraft but cannot afford the fees?-then this is the game for you. Slightly different, but also very similar; some features are even better, such as the min./max. distance for attacking & looting. More skills, more equipment, but cannot learn professions like First Aid or Cooking etc. Basically; I highly recommend you give it a try! xD
MrsOraki says:
Thanx for the icecream :)
Opao says:
Thanks for the awesome giveaways :) Hopefully more and more giveaways to come! :P
aslime says:
No Orio topping :(
BlackMelody says:
The game is good once you get good friends to help you learn the ropes, but at times it is hard if you are not willing to learn but are there to be the best without understanding the game.
brokermtanz says:
ghost_sniper_2 says:
I love this game and the community is extremely helpful.
joshuakimba says:
The game was fun until I took a year off. I came back and my account was mysteriously banned with no explanation why. Oh and if you want to get anywhere in the game, you do have to pay. and I get this: To assure us that this is the actual account holder, we will require the following information in order to help you any further: 1) Server(s) your character(s) are associated with 2) Name(s) of the character(s) 3) Items which the character(s) have equipped and in the inventory 4) Last 5 items purchased in Item Mall (including dates, times, and character(s)) 5) The transaction #\'s for the last 5 items purchased 6) The last time and zone your character(s) were logged in 7) The original and current email address associated with the account 8) The date the account was registered 9) Your I.P Address ( feel free to use Thank you, Team Aeria
lukn4anewgame says:
I\'ve played this game for over 2 years now and could not understand why I was getting hacked left and right at every turn , till I downloaded , \"malwarebytes\" freedownlaod , it showed me shaiya runs a trojon, this trojan allows you to be hacked in party , in trade , in battle if the person you\'re battling is in a party, and what\'s more if you let the malwarebytes quarratine the trojan shaiya will not even allow to to log , and when you redownload the game , someone called gmrender will be logged in to your acc,not only will I never play an aeriagame game again , I will not even play a game of anyone supporting this game by advertizing for them