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Second Life (2003) - Official Site
Second Life
  • Alternative reality game
  • Unlimited free trial
  • Own and invest in virtual property
  • MMORPG entrepreneurs have grossed over $1 million in revenue
  • Create any in game item you want
  • Design customized MMO houses
  • No experience, no leveling
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
$9.95/mo Low 3D Mixed Modern Medium Low None High High
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mizuhou says:
I can see how some people like it but it's not for me...need more of a game to play...
VelvetPetals says:
P.S. That above picture is also outdated (looks like it was taken back in 2006/7). It\'s been used and around far too long in some places. The type of skirts (system skirts) the females are wearing are rarely used now for one thing. Textures and movement now are so realistic that some photos of SL can fool people into thinking it\'s a real life scene. But, everything you do see that in photo was designed and made by the users, including the buildings, signs, sidewalks, roads, clothes, hairs, shoes, the faces, shapes and skins of the avatars. Either created in world or in a program such as photoshop and uploaded in world (the textures and some clothing items, for example). Really, tho, change that photo and description.