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Scarlet Blade (2013) - Official Site
Scarlet Blade
  • Mature audience MMORPG with modern fantasy MMO features
  • Explore and wage war against your enemies, hopping into a mech when you need more power.
  • Choose from all female avatars, each with their own play style and unique characteristics.
  • Action based combat varies from character to character, making each character's combos interesting.
  • Large scale PvP battles - fight on a 50v50 or 80v80 battlefield.
  • Plenty of non battle activities available as well, including spending time at a night club with friends.
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Mixed Medium High Arenas Low Low
Scarlet Blade User Reviews
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User Reviews & Comments:

mikfail says:
Love this game! dont pass it up for whatever reason you come up with
Chanakyafromoz says:
Love it
newgroundsnugget says:
At first glance, it might seem that scarlet Blade is a game of nothing but boob and fan service, but it turns out scarlet blade is boobs, fan service, great gameplay and fast---paced, engaging PvP. While thee theme may turn some people away, SB is a game that\'s got it all, great PvP, a gentle learning and experience curve, and a fascinating faction oriented story and gameplay.
angelling31 says:
What I really love about this game is the great story line. It is a simple yet enjoyable game and most definitely worth a try.
Morimiko says:
Sex is the hook, but the game play and pvp balance are solid. This is one I will keep playing as long as the cash shop stays reasonable.
yujitea says:
boobs all around!!!
Lokiem says:
Once you zoom out, the boobage is ignorable and it turns into any old MMORPG, the PvP is good but with open beta coming up, theres only good things to expect.
Zhawlong says:
@yujitea boobs is everything... :p
octopus55121 says:
Wow boobsss
Anonymous says:
i love this game , COOL game n grapic soo nicee <3
smileybee says:
Love this game.
dragonbxan1 says:
how about Awesome
Dragonleo says:
its a very Big(boobs) game
XxCHURCH85xX says:
awesome game, love it.
marloess says:
its an awesome game :)
teentitanbg says:
Good game and I just started game. :) Only adult for that game.
dnomchir says:
nice game must try!!!!
Yagami889 says:
Nice game and nice game play , i realy enjoy it with my cute char :p
Qit says:
enjoy this game alot
artikuz says:
Good and sexy game :D
daredemon says:
The Best
gond4rr says:
nice :3
baguse says:
good game
goban says:
i love this game , COOL game n grapic soo nicee <3
zhidji says:
enjoy it
vircess says:
wow very amazing
scarecrowia says:
kreluke says:
good game