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  • Increase combat, crafting, and gathering skills as you use them
  • Over 35 mini-games: clan wars, capture the flag, espionage, puzzles and more - all with rewards
  • No download, browser capable MMORPG
  • Server options from no to limited to open PvP
  • Dungeoneering skill provides access to hundreds of locations and puzzles complete with treasure and skill upgrades
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free to $5/mo Low 3D Browser Fantasy Medium High PvP Servers High High
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Quiters1 says:
I said I would quit, but it is to good of a game, so I am playing it again. A little bit more difficult to start off, but those beginning few moments are soon lost to memory as you start off your adventure for real! An amazing game, the best one I have ever played!!!
kellorzz says:
ive played this game since 2004 and i can easily say the grinding in it is high. Its an excellent game tho. The only problem is that Jagex are making this game far too easy, its no where as good as it once was.
ronwedken says:
Horrible community, your best friend would stab you in the back for a couple hundred k. Good, but gets boring after a while, and you have to be a member to do any fun stuff. Fun if you like doing the same thing over and over again with little reward or get very lucky, otherwise it is fair.
jaekobcaed says:
I\'ve been playing RuneScape for about 7/8 years total, with nearly 2000 hours of in-game time on my current main account. Ever since I started, I have really enjoyed this game. I don\'t play many MMOs because most MMOs these days are copies of WoW, or they really look like Diablo II and III; I cannot stand Blizzard nor their games, so that\'s a major turnoff when I see an MMO look like a copy of WoW or any other Blizzard game. However, RS is probably one of the most unique and original MMOs I\'ve ever come to know. In the time from when I started to now, RS has evolved to become literally my favourite game. RS was always known for its grinding nature, point-and-click combat, 8-bit style music, and for bad graphics. However, over time, the graphics have improved immensely (with a massive graphical update to be released this year, taking RS in to the next generation), the combat system was recently reworked to be a lot more fun, and most skills and quests are being reworked, with voice acting and more interaction. Jagex has recently been working with orchestras to create amazing music for the areas they have been working on. 2013 is to be the largest year in RS yet, with countless epic updates due out this year. RuneScape is known by many different world records, including the largest MMO (over 200 million accounts since launch, approximately 18 million active players per month, and around 500k-1 million unique logins a day), the most prolifically-updated video game in history, and the most popular F2P MMO. RuneScape, as specified, is browser-based, however, Jagex has provided a downloadable client which increases performance for some players. Java is required to play the game via the browser, even though they\'re updating the game to run in HTML5 later this year, along with an extensive engine upgrade. The game world is massive. To use a comparison that James Gosling (the \'father of Java\') used when speaking to Mark Gerhard (Jagex CEO), the free game is about the size of North America, and the members expansion is the rest of the world, even though it\'s not spherical and they can update it as long as they want and not run out of space. The free game includes 19 quests, 16 skills, plenty of challenges and tasks, a massive game world and economy with literally tens of thousands of items and thousands of NPCs, one free spin daily on the daily Squeal of Fortune (a chance-based daily game where you can win cool rewards daily, ranging from money to items or even tickets that you can redeem to add additional spins), around a total of 5,000+ hours of gameplay, and more. With the members\' expansion, you unlock 9 additional members-only skills, while expanding the free-to-play skills\' capabilities, over 150 additional members-only quests, loads more challenges and abilities, and a massive game world over 3-4 times larger than the free world, with nearly 100,000+ hours of unique gameplay and increasing. Most skills are fun to train, including the most recently-introduced skill: Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering gives you the classic dungeon-raiding experience (solo or party-based), and could be considered a game itself within the game. The economy is large, with hundreds of thousands of items available in the members\' game, and tens of thousands for the free game. Security-wise, bots can sometimes be a problem. However, unlike most MMOs, Jagex is doing a pretty good job at staying ahead of the bots, to the point where bots could be gone for good in the next few years. Hacking is rarely an issue these days, as they recently introduced the Jagex Account Guardian (JAG for short) alongside their already secure game. JAG makes it virtually impossible to be hacked, even if your other security measures are weak. My main complaint with this game is with the community. When I started, the community was great - most players were mature, kind, and supportive. Nowadays, whiners, trolls, and immature children are running wild in the game. You\'ll meet some really great people in this game, but also some really pathetic people - people selfish enough to complain about Jagex not donating enough to a specific charity. ($0.10 per subscriber they receive on their Youtube channel, delivered to children in poverty in Africa, to give them a good Christmas) They also whine about every single update that comes to the game, but yet they\'d whine if Jagex DIDN\'T bring an update. (In example, players were whining all the time about the combat system being outdated, then when Jagex released the beta for the Evolution of Combat rework, they whined even more.) The community really is simply pathetic. However, Jagex\'s end of community management is really good. Jagex staff often organise community events in-game, they\'ll talk to players in the game, and just generally make the community a bit more friendly. Altogether, RuneScape is the best MMO I\'ve played to date. It will definitely leave a good impression on most anyone who plays it. It\'s fun, free (or cheap, if you pay for the members\' expansion), accessible, and just all-around awesome. Definitely try it out, I don\'t think you\'ll be disappointed. :)