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Roblox (2005) - Official Site
  • Design your own places, worlds, and even games with Lego like creation tools
  • Free players can explore anyone else's creations but are limited in what they can develop
  • Social networking similar to MySpace or Facebook with friendships and groups encouraged
  • Geared towards a very young audience with features for parents to protect their children
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free to $6/mo Low 3D Cartoon Modern High Low Zone Based High High
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BTReefShark says:
This game isn\'t really as much a game as it is a website full of games. You can play as a guest to see if you like any of the games enough to make an account. With an account you can change how you look, chat with a menu of things to say, free chat in which you type your own message (13 or older only), and even build your own place! The currency is Tickets (sometimes robux) and you get 10 tickets per day you log in. You can get daily robux if you get a special membership called Builders Club, but you have to pay for it. With Builders Club (AKA \"BC\") you also get more places to build at and are able to buy BC exclusive clothes and gear with the tickets (AKA \"Tix\") and robux you have gotten. Overall, very fun game of many maany types.
zeldaaddict225 says:
lastofN8 says:
Roblox used to be good and all but now it\'s just plain auful. And by the way, when I saw the review saying it was kid friendly I laughed. You can\'t go five minutes without someone cursing.