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  • Soul system lets you mix and match skills from 3 of 8 subclasses to create a diverse character
  • Public rifts spawn small to large invasions that players must repel or lose access to entire towns
  • PvP takes place in instanced battlegrounds called Warfronts - 4 maps with unique goals
  • World PvP incentive is less than instanced PvP and PvE so could quickly lose popularity
  • Quests are repetitive and somewhat spread out
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
$14.99/mo Low 3D Mixed Fantasy Medium High Faction War Low High
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Lunera says:
High customization for characters and pvp is a lot of fun in warfronts and open-world pvp (on pvp shards). Free transfers between shards - very unique soul system that allows unlimited combinations of \\\\\\\"builds\\\\\\\" for your character (you get to have 5 total you can switch between). I played WoW and quit after about 2 months. I started playing Rift in March and 8 months later I\\\\\\\'m stilll having a blast. Highly recommend you at least give it the free trial a shot, and don\\\\\\\'t judge it based on the first 5 levels in the beginning zone - the real fun starts when you get to join your fellow Guardian or Defiants around level 6.
fly408 says:
Good game, a bunch of my friends and I got hooked the first month it was out. However, although people say the lore is great its something you have to really try to get into, the ultra generic fantasy setting bored me out of it. Character models bleh, great graphics and animation. Also starting out is pure tedium, I just recently went back and tried the play for free (i have a 40 warrior - inactive account though) and omg, i think I\\\\\\\'m lvl 7 and I have like 2 skills that to actually use in combat. The graphics, again are excellent, just feels so bland though. However I will be fair and note that I haven\\\\\\\'t seen the newest content. I did read that the devs were improving this in the new content and its much better, as this was a very common complaint. I may pay a month and reactivate my main. I\\\\\\\'m glad they added an Alternative ability systems as I felt that the soul system actually lended to more people being the same, and its not really that unique at all. You choose a warrior and no matter what all game long you are stuck in the warrior arch type and MANY of the skills were redundant in each arch type. Questing is really boring even by MMO standards too. I give a 7 with my experience but I will reactive this month and try it again with my lvl 40.