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Repulse (2012) - Official Site
  • Instanced based sci-fi PvP Shooter with nine unique game modes
  • Players rent instead of purchasing equipment so players will need to stay active to keep their weapons and gear
  • 'Rookie rooms' for new players and those with low kill/death ratios
  • Level up and modify equipment while gaining access to items such as cloaking devices and jump boosters
  • Modes include counter-strike style demolition, survival style invasion, deathmatch, and CTF
  • Dated feeling engine with average graphics and sound but runs smoothly
  • Nothing unique individually but breadth of gameplay options and a good interface provides good replay for online FPS/RPG hybrid junkies
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Real Sci Fi Low High Arenas None Low
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oddfuture says:
Best game.
heymanwusup says:
Awesome Game best ever!
gabrielbleach1 says:
This game is definitely one of the best.
LapaCursed says:
Relaunch of Genesis A.D., a good fast-paced game fun to play, with some minor issues but I like it.
NtrlBrnKiller says:
Awesome good times!
elluxion says:
One of the better FPS combat games not plagued with hackers, gameplay on higher servers require more than just a good skill with guns.
xero3103 says:
CoolAce says:
The game Repulse is great never seen or played a game quite like it but can u do something bout the hackers and the lag. It keeps kicking me out the game.
kayurdead says:
Beast game I love rageing noobs calling you hacker or tapper they just can\'t handle my Pro\'ness
Senryu says:
A great f2p fps, I hope this game will continue on this way.
str33x says:
my code is not work -.-
avery81 says:
awesome game
sidearmin says:
Awesome game!
Dannyhel says:
Good Game. ;D
extraboom says:
It needs some polishing, but it\'s still new. I like that you can mod weapons.
msndotnet says:
We should get rewards for levelling. I levelled up twice and I\'m poor with no money, what is this crap.
SpartanTech says:
Works great!!!!
CL5AE says:
Yo Kayurdead y dnt u STFU we all knoe ur one of those hackers the only reason u guys hack is cause u guys suck at palyin so if u do then y the fuck u play it
llvllusiic says:
Good game
sorinu26 says:
Great game!
trega says:
the best stress relief ever created
Anonymous says:
best game ever
Epokalips says:
I like this game best Shooter ever !!!!! ^^
DungeonKitty says:
despite some serious lag and server stability issues, this game is quite fun, easy to pick up and destroy people
Kingnut says:
Kyon says:
Its an awesome game with good graphics, sound effectts, and it doesnt lag, very fast pased, fun with friends
bloodriver20 says:
best game ever!
Uttassa says:
love it im aussie so my conection isnt the greatest good thing there are alot of noobs out there :DDDD
hilnil says:
i love IT
DarkSoul321 says:
OCDPigeon says:
Brool story co.
zxcvbnm123 says:
xXMilesXx123 says:
pls take off the ping kick or ping system i love the repulse but the major problem is the ping kick or ping system pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sirq14 says:
Damn nice :) <3.
arif55 says:
i love repulse
Nikolaivic says:
Repulse FTW
Dr3xin says:
Amazing game
Miskinux says:
DarkFrostPoet says:
Goku2145 says:
oh yeah both of aeria games and whatmmorg ARE THE BEST thx for teh free stuff btw
cartoonben102 says:
Don\'t work in India :-/
xrdy2fail says:
nice game awesome!
leone1168 says:
were i get the gift code?
iamaman12 says:
Theronium says:
ruca98 says:
i need that key XD
.xxreflexxx. says:
good game
skyknight says:
Best sci-fi , Action, shooting game ever
IReenactRambo says:
dimension says:
cena says:
just login and you will see get your key and click it and get the key and go and login and go res://ieframe.dll/,
sshyq says:
key pls
cryzon says:
AMAzing game!!!!!
bleach8880 says:
best game ever
ffman22 says:
is a good game exellent fps =)
kyouzuka says:
Thevemillion says:
Where the Give code..?
ameerul9906 says:
where is the key??
omar1055 says:
leeman121 says:
Milky69 says:
Insane good game !!! Fast and true action up to 8v8 team fights.
arebye says:
boblikesfish says:
where do i get the key??
Xerlix says:
Good game, love the PVP.
ramza75 says:
sinistera says:
where the key?
demonic13 says:
dont see the key?
0mar says:
where is the key
ditect says:
DEVIL_4_EVER says:
where is the key