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Ministry of War
  • RTS/RPG hybrid that combines city management with leveling individual heroes who can learn unique skills
  • Four way faction warfare - play until your faction dominates the world map to win the game
  • In addition to standard 'slow real time' unit and building production, battles are also conducted in real time like a strategic Warcraft match
  • Adds elements from Age of Empires with 5 different age upgrades and missionary territory conquering
  • Bonus rewards for playtime help alleviate 'nothing to do' problem but also requires lots of play to keep up
  • Includes equal parts PvE and PvP fighting
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 2D Browser Historical High High Faction War None Medium
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Waspire says:
The review is pretty out of date now. I\'d rate grinding High, Uniqueness Med to Low, and there is crafting now. They\'ve severely limited all the ways you can level and taken away most of the high level gear for anyone who\'s not a major coiner. Except on new servers and right after server merges, it\'s hard to find more than 10 people in each civ who actually fight.