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Lord of the Rings Online
  • Experience an evolving storyline with free updates in a comfortable fantasy MMORPG setting, Middle Earth
  • Raiding provides legendary equipment and player group challenges
  • Monster Play allows players to control high level monsters and fight players in select zones
  • Play music using real notes and octaves
  • Vocations allow players to craft multiple item types
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 3D Real Fantasy Low High Monster Play Medium Medium
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Lord of the Rings Online Lord of the Rings Online Lord of the Rings Online

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wtfail says:
For free-to-play players, LOTRO requires lots and lots of grinding to get levels. For those who have not noticed it, most quest up to 20ish are free, most quest pass level 20 are pay-to-play. Most of your experience points come from doing quest.
Kartonis says:
This is a classic example of a f2p game with half of the content requiring an upgrade or payment of some sort grinding is pretty intense good idea for a game and i have no objections to the classes or races but only about half of this game is f2p dont fool yourselves into getting hooked on it unless u got the cash
Arien says:
I agree that this is not really f2p in the sense that eventually you\'d have to shell out money if you want to get as much out of the game as you want. But, I also think that they made something beautiful enough for me to pay for. So I don\'t mind paying. :)