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Iron Grip Marauders
  • Develop and build a mercenary stronghold by overtaking opponent bases, researching new technologies, and strategically building an army made for fighting any foe
  • Combat shines in Iron Grip as battles are tactical, player controlled, and turn based vs. typical simulated battles of other competing strategy MMO games
  • Units have different strengths, weaknesses, and deployment points that enhance pre-battle planning
  • Base production is similar to the typical browser strategy game method of slow real time building of structures but units are produced fairly quickly
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 2D Browser Modern High High Open PvP Medium Medium
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Iron Grip Marauders Iron Grip Marauders Iron Grip Marauders

User Reviews & Comments:

Blaze says:
I just played it, its a 3D browser game!!! You can even play with a perspective camera, amazing!!
Clementine says:
Love the game. I haven\'t logged in for a while and they added all these cool stuff, worth checking out.
Joyce_O says:
I started playing this a few hours ago through this site and I havnt left my desk yet! The game is challening and very pretty to look at!
lycosluke says:
Luv it!
eynetane says:
Go Go Go Play Play PLay and join my alliance - look for \"FireStarters\" :-)