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Grand Fantasia
  • Colorful, anime inspired graphics fantasy MMORPG
  • Good choice for those looking for a good, standard MMO with coloful art styling
  • Create a personal sprite companion to help you prospect for rare materials and craft items
  • Test your guild's teamwork with 15 v 15 team battles
  • Customize your character with the Alternate Advancement System
  • Large selection of player mounts
  • Unique guilds with specialized guild only skills and selective quests
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 3D Cartoon Fantasy Medium Medium Arenas Medium High
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sxoidmal says:
This is a wonderfully diverse gaming world, regions standing unique from each other. The talent trees are interesting and worth working towards. The animation is compelling and smooth, and the training session is very clear and helpful.
ViniciusX5 says:
Grand Fantasia is a very funny game i play it and im level 62 sage , im called ToPHealer and i like this game so come on and play it with us ^^ ty
Tommytoughnut says:
This game is a very good game. As far as a good community great gameplay and awesome Gms and GSs. Theres not really much left to say except, What are you waiting for? Hurry and download it!
apojo88 says:
Funny Graphics, Epic Weapons, Fantastic Classes, Friendly Enviroment, Talkative Community, Competitive PvP and a great GM team. Try it out and i\'m sure Grand Fantasia is gonna be your new GF!
sethe13 says:
Amazing game and graphics. Especially the PvP system. There\'s 3 different PvP maps and 1 special one called Trial Maze which is open at certain times for anyone above level 30 to join. I recommend Grand Fantasia to anyone :O
Fatalshock says:
Grand Fantasi is a epic game. Yes grinding is apart of the game naturally. Well for that you have a sprite which can make your character fight for you. Another reason for the sprite is for collecting materials to make weapons.There are also guilds you can join to talk and have fun. Guilds can have 75 vs 75 battles. So it can get pretty hectic out there. The graphics rating from me is 10/10. Plus not long download time
scarfaceguns93 says:
Very brilliant game offers so much theres never getting bored i LOVE GrandFantasia
Lightis says:
It\'s a great game fun to play and lots to do. You can meet tons of other players, and best of all it free!
natedawg90 says:
grand fantasia rocks
MellozXOXOZ says:
I love playing this game so much (NECRO FTW) its great cuz you can make to many friends
Rapthorne says:
Grand Fantasia is an amazing game with a brilliant and friendly community. It\'s been my online home for two years now and I am truly in love with it. A large range of classes - each with their own perks, unique PvP systems, a squishy and huggable companion sprite to help you on your way, a sprite crafting system - which is a unique twist of normal crafting systems and a unique Anime art style. In short, Grand Fantasia is a great MMORPG for all anime fans who are looking for people with similar interests, with a diverse and fun community and a brilliant GM team. It\'s been my favourite game since I first started playing and I am completely hook still after two years.
thefleareaper says:
Epic Game, u can have lots of fun here, very friendly!
YourWorstNightmare says:
Grand fantasia is a very fun game, with awesome people and great GMS ^^
petalvengeance says:
So much fun has been had playing this game, I will never get bored of it. Always good to see new faces too :)
clericofanarchy says:
JoeyxKay says:
I love it
omjesus says:
Good game diveres economy and helpful and fun community. I recommend this to anyone who loves beating up crafters for failing! :)
mysticblu86 says:
Awesome community =D I don\'t think I\'ve ever run into such a helpful and generally positive community on any of the MMORPGS I used to play. There\'s usually a handful of nice people and a whole lot of not so nice players; on GF, it\'s the opposite. There\'s also a whole lot of things to do, including several mini-games and unique instances you can\'t find elsewhere. Give it a shot, you\'ll get hooked =)
mmmark says:
This game has a great gameplay, awesome community and whole lot of fun events that would make your gaming experience great and enjoyable. I really recommend this game. Trust me, you won\'t regret it :)
Voltorb2211 says:
I have not played enough of this game to give it a proper review. So far it seems grindy but fun, and Aeria seems quite kind about giving out tons of free stuff.
Andros2k10 says:
The best online game i\'ve ever played period. Pvp = Addictive
jackfrost22 says:
grand fantasia = best MMO ever! bosses, arenas, daily events, and all those cool stuff ^^
xdorkydoll says:
I have been playing Grand Fantasia for about 2 years, and I can\'t stop since. It\'s such an addicting game. Mainly because the people on there. It\'s a very enjoyable and helpful experience. One thing I really love about this game is that we have our own pets (sprites) to craft our Armour/Weapon. I\'m in love with the costumes and variety of things you can get in game. I introduced this game to a few friends, and since then, then cannot stop playing.
Semedyno says:
only 1 word to describe it: AWESOME!!!
keicleide says:
nice game
dramawolfie says:
i really enjoyed this game, and it is very unique, not to mention its addicting!
Panda says:
cute game
millet10 says:
Only MMORPG i\\\'m playing <3
Diatryma says:
BULLIES AT PVP thats the only inconvenient
gsmagifer says:
I\'ve been playing Grand Fantasia for two years now. The community is amazing, game play is great, people are awesome. I\'ve tried so many other MMO\'s but nothing, not even WoW held my interest as much as this game does. It has such unique features and little quirks about it. I don\'t think I\'m going to leave any time soon.
giadang says:
nice graphic, easy to play, friendly player
neoplan213 says:
you can\'t define best without this game
bloodskum says:
it is so Kewl!
Gambanks2 says:
Nice and colorfull game, easy to play and awesome community <3
Kotoshiki says:
It\'s a pretty great game!
XEN0GEAR says:
Fun times...just think fortune bags are a rip-off =)
Vampire0016 says:
Best Game eva!!!! Never get sick of it.. :D I love it!!
dragonborns says:
i love this game... it offers a lot of quests n cool dungeons to run with a party or guild party... best of is the \"Shining Weapons make everything all worth building up.. 8)
darkmeyou says:
cool, nothing but the best game ever..
wassim9820 says:
it\\\'s really the best mmorpg game i ever played , i looove this game so muuch , can\\\'t stop playing it ,
darkmeto says:
cool, nothing but the best game ever... &#9829;&#9829;&#9829; .
sadasdf123 says:
THE BEST MMORPG I HAVE PLAYED! it rokcs! rules! it has everything, i got stucked in it for 2 years already awesome bot features! :)
Siah says:
Been with this game for a few years now. Hard to leave. But I think other than the amazing graphics and awesome story-line, the people you meet on here are the best&#9829;
_emina_koju_ says:
Kyaa~ Love it! *O*
midoriyamamoto says:
Eeeh, i really love this game <3 the best *o*
Lokko13 says:
Awesome fast paced pvp game
WGirls says:
Da Bom!
bengers00 says:
Anonymous says:
i cant find the key
putchoi says:
of all online games i played \\\\\\\"Grand Fantasia \\\\\\\" is the best.. :D
alvacade says:
ok now when i started playin GF i was like what the heck this is so cheesey...but after afew hooked hours, i was like wow i love it...this is my fav mmo todate...well done graphics, easy to master battle system...simply put it\'s awesome in every aspect of a well based mmo
zukithewolf says:
love this game, one of the best ones out there :3
mmark says:
This is a must-try game. The gameplay is awesome :D
wolfgirlzuki says:
if you like chill layed back games, you\'ll love this one :D
winclark says:
NIce GAme!
chanz03 says:
i really love playing \"Grand Fantasia\".. its the BEST ONLINE GAME.. ive ever played.. woooohh.. :))
starshine says:
love this game, first time i\'ve ever gotten to lvl 66 on any MMORPG game, it\'s easy, and chill, you\'ll love it :3
broken_19 says:
Simply the Best :)
tink03 says:
awesome OL game.. the BEST!
munfong says:
i\'ll play everyday if possible lol
fuzz197 says:
Ive been a player for years ^-^ I love this game
terminotor23 says:
i have been with grand fantasia for just over 2 years and i absolutely love this game the community are full of friendly helpful people the GM\'s are also extremely helpful and freindly and the game itself is very good the graphics are anime styled and are actually very very good there\'s a lot of in game stuff you can do (quests, pvp, dungeons, sprite duals, crafting, duals and exploring maps) there is so much you can do and it is so fun i highly recommend this game to anyone who likes mmorpg games!
kyosanko says:
Love this game =) lvl 65 soon on Bordor channel 3 Mikiaa is my name =) See you in game =)
dztny says:
Best. MMORPG. ever! can\'t stop playing this cool game!
blushiee says:
Awesome game, really fun!
jimmybeam1 says:
Its a great game to play! End of story!
markoliver1 says:
awesome game! very unique
riviandanang says:
Love this game so much :*.really fun n friendly v^,^v
Anonymous123 says:
Awsome game and Cool GM\'s too^^ 10/10
bcapuyon001 says:
all i can say is this.. best game i played
xxtooxxsickxx says:
You really need to play this game its fing epic as hell and a great game to play everyday
BlueMoon1 says:
its a awsome game been playing over 2 years but i wish some of us that have been here that long would get something for being here like new players get a special gift but its ok Grand Fantasia is the shiz nit he he he
Gokakashi says:
I LOVE IT!!!!!! awesome game :P
jackychan says:
One of the best games of our time I love playing it
John Flame says:
Personaly,i have been playing GF for 2 years. I have seen server merges,good players go and come. And i must say...this game is magical,all the 3 times ive tried to walk away.Something just keeps pulling me back in. Come try Grand Fantasia,whats there to lose?
Naragia says:
Awesome game, been playing it for over 2 years now and I wouldn\'t miss it for the world, the interface is easy and the graphics are epic. If you participate in chat, you will find a lot of friendly helpful players to get you going, GF get\'s my strongest recommendation
mikez008 says:
inu1210 says:
play for fun :D
montraste says:
Dutchdreamer says:
On it for more then 2 yrs now.You try it=your hooked.Graphics are great , costumes and mounts are epic. Need help with bosses or quests ? pm \"Sweetdutch\" ingame(no plvl).
kimari says:
PVP is a blast espically Trial Maze ^^
IceDragon09 says:
killerjack1234 says:
this game is good i played it for 2 years D:
makyost4r says:
Great game overall
kokyu says:
its an great game^^ much of fun and easy to play!
niwa says:
this game is great! im playing it over 2 years already and its fun^^
TheShadow1357 says:
ullichan says:
its an great game^^
blueelfishy says:
i like this game because it\'s colorful and enjoyable specially the guild i also like it because it\'s 3D game ^^
blue says:
i like this game because it\'s colorful and enjoyable specially the guild i also like it because it\'s 3D game ^^
warchief88 says:
good game if you like PVP
~Leyfrey~ says:
This game is awesome im thinking if lowbie have arena like warrior and archer mage something like that XD
maky0st4r says:
Love it! :D
honcoh4u says:
kucziczu says:
This game is very cool , and funny ! ENJOY !
sergehelel says:
ngentot mana clay gw anjink1!!!!
osobni96 says:
BEST GAME EVER!!!I love costumes and mounts and quest are epice too,pvp arenas are also cool
HitsugayaZ says:
awesome super fun game i swear if u in to a game with great fantasy and alot of fighting times u have to play this game for sure! fastcamo ---------/
jagernautt says:
I love it!
Chandra says:
crimschaos says:
i love grand fantasia it\'s the awesome most electrifying game in the world to me i would never quit till it goes down forever
t0lder says:
Daily events,dungeons emphasizing teamplay,exciting PvP and PvE,active GMs..what is not to like..
Kungpowchicken says:
Great game with a very good pvp system in place.
lileazyg says:
Awesome game
Bertybix says:
Grand Fantasia is a very epic game, you never have nothing to do! The Sprite edition is amazing, you can craft your own stuff and everything! definitely give this a 10/10
gudoy69 says:
i love GF <3
gudoy619 says:
GF rocks!!
ShadowFlame08 says:
aLadyGrey says:
Grand Fantasia is a great game with beautiful environments and a great community of people to have fun with.
gudoy610 says:
rawr! :33
Jeynkeyth says:
Awesome game, best thing is that everything involves you to keep on going, so thrilling
poloboiz123 says:
I\'ve been with this game for a long time and it is still great, there is nothing else like this game. Awesome arena, dungeons, and people.
russean143 says:
i love this game soo much <3
dmsnyper says:
Best game evah!!
birdycus says:
its just epic no more needed to say
Zrolation says:
Grand Fantasia is really pretty game it so funny and easy to play it plus it has many helpful people :)
andrescordero says:
awesome game :) it really keeps thrill giving different things to do along the game
iemke12 says:
OtakuTiki says:
Its only the funnist MMO ive ever played! I enjoy the community. Most people help without asking much in return. Guilds are great. Overall Gameplay is spectacular.
mvillagomez says:
HereForAMoment says:
This is Awesomeee :) I love Grand Fantasia its amzing and better then any MMORPG out there for me :)
dragonsoul292 says:
An Epic game with many features to enjoy. Forget World Of Warcraft, forget Call Of Duty YOU WANT A REAL GAME!?! GO ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!! Signed Dragonsoul292
x3astro13 says:
Grand fantasia is the best free online game i\'ve played so far everyone should try it :DDD
x3astro133 says:
emanuelantonio says:
its very good pvp
ak6c says:
First MMO I\'ve played and highly enjoy it :)
tmyaomtn says:
Awesome game, would do anything for it:) so fun
MByson says:
My first 3D MMORPG experience and a ruddy good one. Some fanatstic and smooth running inclusions, great graphics for the requirements required and an incredibly useful, unique and humorous creafting system. Guild Systems are great and are always offering guilds targets to keep them levelling and active; PvP is easy to learn and perform aswell as being rather civil and the events hosted by Grand Fantasia\'s GM and GS staff are addictive. I would recommend this game for anyone looking to slowly immerse themselves into a new online experience.
xxZhaoYz says:
2 years playing (i tried to stop) but I CANT xD !!!
megasalva says:
BEST GAME !!! i played this game since the beta ^^
lanssens1 says:
you just can\\\'t stop, to much things you can do, i\\\'m never getting tired of this one! =)
kitten says:
Only been playing it for about 3 months but since i joined i cant stop playing it such a great game
texaslonewofl says:
awesome game been playing for a couple of years still love it and keeps me entertained! :D
sea_demon1 says:
This game is awesome keeps me going the fun wont stop i think you should try it, GREATEST GAME EVER :DD Can\'t stop playin\' it !!
27o43 says:
I love this game so much :D <3 everytime i download a new mmorpg i get bored of it and go back to Grand Fantasia there is something about your game that is so addicting. With PvP and how easy it is to level, downloading this game was so worth it :D come join me and millions of players online.
Dark27 says:
pogiako26 says:
i love it ^^
Haruux says:
its the greatest game ever know!
mikko20 says:
nice game
Andry131 says:
I\'ve been playing Grand Fantasia for over two years now. I simply love it. It\'s a really fun game in which you can create your own virtual character and fight alongside many others. I\'ve made many friends who have helped me through hard times. In my opinion the thing that classifies Grand Fantasia as one of the best MMORPG games is that it allows you to be who you are. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i have.
espinal19 says:
So far Grand Fantasia has been like a second home to me. I\'m always welcomed by many others who have shown me how fascinating & amazing this game is. I get to express myself, share my opinions, have fun, & most importantly... i get to Be Myself.
deamonseeker says:
i love the game big addict :D
ieatrice123 says:
I love to see games change over time and i think its been by far one of the best MMORPG i ever played and I love this game because i can hang out with my friend in another place other then school
Mitzmeister says:
awesome free2play game , still a lot of work to be done to it tho to make it better like ironing out all bugs/glitches etc etc
HikaruXx says:
i been playing this game for a while now, i especially love the pvp :D
Silverbluu says:
One of the few non-grind MMOs out there. Your quest log will be full through and through.
sal33221 says:
love this game XD im trying to get all my friends to play with me together
Jafeth747 says:
gf rules!!
kuroshiix says:
<3 <3 <3 gf
juanche says:
Grand Fantasia its awesome!
frixmaker says:
this game is legend----- dary!! :) very good playing with other people
azrazil says:
what the F!
narutin69 says:
what the F too!
barkju13 says:
watta! cool game it is!
jus_sirsak says:
great games
bheybymella511 says:
Furue says:
My favorite online game. Love it to bits! Highly recommend it and have even got my little sister\'s friends playing it 8D
ShadowFidget says:
This Game is truly addicting. The creatures are creative and each region brings on its own beauty and challenges.
poppies says:
chris_1992 says:
good game quite addictive
AnwarGeorge says:
This is a fun and epic game i love the player base is huge and with so much to do its almost impossible to not be busy in GF
TakeruJr says:
Can\'t have enough of it!! love it!
pegcitykush says:
love this game , everyone should try :D
ShimonXI says:
Want more time to play it! I wish my school burned down so I could play more Q_Q
markko49 says:
GF is my life its just too good to be true
MRkriss999 says:
ilove it im only playing for 2 months but i already love it , u shuold ttry it ;D
tugaBR says:
It has been good, but now the company is mercenary. Soon the game being cost free is one lie. Is cost free if you is a noob. The high price of things in the game affect the development of your character, forcing you to buy AP. If things continue like this, I recommend both the GF and neither of Aeria games to none.
zzyugizz says:
I love this game
Ruhron says:
fun game
alice_30 says:
beautttyyy says:
I love it, very funny and you meet really nice people, also pvp is my favourite part! u gotta try it
GrandFaddict says:
PVP is best, with the bestest PLayers you will ever meet.
GuardianTwlight says:
Sweet Game, Beautiful Music, Easy Leveling, Love It!
veevoovee says:
borndragon says:
Mizzi says:
See you soon, everyone should come give it a try atleast. Got me hooked pretty fast.
StingStab says:
Awsome Game! Active Staff! Fun PvP! What more can you ask for? ^_^
xkarz says:
taking it with me to the otherside
lemuelaguila says:
an__la says:
PVP is the best
Nosad55 says:
The Game has an very interesting feature where you have an sprite which can do all sorts of things.The best thing in this game is the dungeons and the pvp .It is pretty fun making parties and friends.there are so much to do in this game so i recommend you guys to play it.
mewmewfu says:
brilliant game free 2 play unless u want pass level 50
neroancheta says:
woooo! xD
Fam says:
Awesome :) -->Moni :D
ahudson95 says:
love this game, play it all the time and have for over a year. HIGHLY recommend it.
Destroyher says:
For the occasional gamer to the frequent player. You can level up yourself by yourself, in a party or with a friend. There are sprites that help you on your journeys, from acquiring materials, making you laugh and forging new equipements. Cute, simple, loveable as well as fearsome and epic mounts that will leave you eye gasped. Join myself and others on this wonderful game, we are all excited to have you.
oddbird says:
One of the best MMOs out there, free or otherwise. Grand Fantasia boasts adorable graphics, a clever sprite system, and an actively community-involved event GM/GS staff.
XrayX says:
Grand Fantasia is a very good game we can speak whith ppl and lvl up.There are differents class(i prefer paladin :P)
kleyson says:
eu curto D+ esse jogo ele é show dbola
HolotheWise says:
I have been playing for years! I love it!
nannubullets says:
I love this game :D
RaenaYuuki says:
surfbunnietina says:
t_c231 says:
One of the best MMORPGs i have ever played.
xxCannibal says:
Best game ever lol.
starsky64 says:
inkthepainter says:
One of the funnest MMO\'s, tbh. Even with all it\'s problems, it\'s still fun even though people may quit and stuff. Rating of 8 <3
julio313 says:
awesoem thx
bwuu says:
LOVE this game!!
hmoobjason2 says:
hmmm.. good so far
Kenjo says:
Grand Fantasia is one of the best online game. I have been playing it for about 2 year now and still very into it.
Bluesman says:
Grand Fantasia is a great game to play in your free time.
ratchet149 says:
I am speechless about this game.. It is perfect and very addictive.. :)
truephobia says:
I like this game its a lot of fun and has an \" interesting community \"
o0nhocvuitinh0o says:
i love grand fantasia
Garahel says:
i like this game, although the learning curve is aimed at people who have some experience in playing similar MMORPG\'s, and you wont be making alot of money till your a higher level. Yes, it has some problems, such as huge inflation, but dont let that stop you from trying. its a great game overall, and is worth a try. :D
spectrum2nd says:
Quest Quest Quest then Golden Crown Awesomeness!
obito says:
It\\\'s a fun game. Do quest,make money, and join Arena!!!
brenin_llwyd says:
I\'ve been playing GF since the day no.1 of the Closed Beta, and i got immediately hooked on it. It\'s my drug.
domes009 says:
If enjoy watching anime and read manga and like playing with thoes kind of character u should play this. This game can change ur life forever. I have been play this game since 2009 after my friend showed it to me. Enjoy :D
ReneaNea says:
LOVE this game!!
lapoo93 says:
Good game, always something fun and new to do.
apool93 says:
Great game, with a great community, definitely recommend this game
haharoad says:
Pretty decent game, still room for improvement
Xihu says:
This game is simply incredible!!
arcticgal7 says:
Really fun and great game :-) <3
BkevinS says:
caressme says:
just love to hang out there
DarkVamp88 says:
kyle014 says:
jnb101 says:
this game is so awesome,I LOVE IT
jhon327 says:
ok now when i started playin GF i was like what the heck this is so cheesey...but after afew hooked hours, i was like wow i love it...this is my fav mmo todate...well done graphics, easy to master battle system...simply put it\\\\\\\'s awesome in every aspect of a well based
jurboy says:
Shujun16 says:
Theres no more i can say >.< all is great :D i love grand fantasia FAMILY :D