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Flyff (2005) - Official Site
  • Unique flying mounts such as customizable wings, brooms, boards, and more
  • In-depth item customization, engaging combat, 7 diverse continents, and over a dozen character classes
  • Build your own Guild House
  • Experience Guild Siege battles, customizable pets, and elaborate instanced dungeons
  • More weekly dynamically run GM events than most other free MMORPGs
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 3D Cartoon Fantasy Low High Arenas Medium Low
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KuroChan2012 says:
5/10 In Short: - Great Events and Community - Grinding - Items like Wings are only available at the store, where you have to buy them for real money - If you want to be good -> real money - No real story - rather good graphics There are people who like it and people who do not. I played it till I had a character of lvl 65 and no, I dont really like it. Especially therefore, that you actually HAVE to invest real money, to be really good in it :( But if you are looking for fun in your bored freetime: Play it. Its not that bad.