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Eden Eternal
  • Help build player created towns
  • Freely switch between 15 classes as you slowly unlock them by leveling up
  • Crafting items requires blueprints scattered throughout the game world so it is very adventure heavy
  • Combat is fairly standard MMO hotkey mashing despite Eden Eternal's claim of otherwise, but it is fluid
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 3D Cartoon Fantasy Medium High Guild War Medium Medium
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lordbane666 says:
I played the closed beta and open beta of this game. A grind fest if there ever was one. Some 3 person instances and there boring. No real character builds, except for class choices. Poor, outdated graphics. Constant upgrading of equipment and skills buying left me broke most of the time. I got sick of it after 3 days.
jazzuel says:
cool :3
mayklee101 says:
i got mines and i like this :P
H33X says:
must have more quests/dungeons and improve PvP system
HeeX says:
must have more quests/dungeons and a best PvP system =/
Eden_Feilternal says:
I just came to tell you... This game is boring.
YORAE100 says:
this game is awesome ive played the cb and currently play the ob at lvl 60 its super fun, but like all mmos u gotta be commited to it timewise. Theres always intresting stuff to do like arenas, territory wars, and a mas of trial dungeon :) play soon and have fun
wathahub says:
tommyfrom213 says:
very very nice
Amarant says:
I\'ve been playing since CB and I\'m totally hooked! I\'d like to see some bugs fixed and maybe less lag though.
mrxtommmy says:
onyx979 says:
Very interesting
whatisay says:
i love that game, grinding is fast in check with other games ive played. chars look sweet but the ap`s are expensive, most expensive game i played ever xD
lunarei says:
jingdude says:
Kuni says:
LOVE THIS GAME! Played the CB!
IKhristofferI says:
I have been playing for a few months and am addicted! There is so much to do and I love everything about it! Helpful people as well. Did I mention I love it?!
Redbeek says:
I never got it ...
willyg11 says:
Good game that doesn\\\'t force people to rely on the cash shop! Can only get better!
harakirixx says:
So cool!! amazing
Mossy says:
What phrase would best encapsulate this game\'s essence... perhaps adolescence? Growing but not mature quite yet. I consider it a step up both graphically and mechanically from Aeria\'s now dated Grand Fantasia. I would recommend it to other people.
BunnyBoo111lol says:
LOOOOVE Eden Eternal :D
FalseDreams says:
Everyday is something different you never know what well happen next. And for the rest of you, yall should give EE another try you might like it this time around. It couldn\'t hurt to try again now would it? ?_?
amuletwish says:
Tetsu00 says:
Don\'t buy AP...Aeria is GREEDY
Giozinbr says:
I love EE
asakin13 says:
ilove EE
lthinkbluel1 says:
Very good and entertaining.
Yuryouko says:
Great game. If not unic, Has a really rare class sistem, always something to do besides quests and killing monsters. Amazing pvp sistem and a huge variety of costumes and class clothes. Only thing, in my opinion that\'s missing is races\' own class outfits.
rnpipe2011 says:
Is very FUN very Adictiv and Exepcional Graphics Music is All MMORPG in One game with Pets, All Class in one is fantastic.
iaaf says:
Being able to switch class everytime is out of combat makes this game pretty intresting. From level 50+ you can access special dungeons with top gear chance drops and quite intresting challenges. PvP can be improved expecially Arena 3v3 and Territory Wars; really intresting the chance of fighting 3v3 as boss monster in a special arena
inz4n3 says:
Very fun game
Zidane1177 says:
Greta game
dmal42600 says:
Awesome Game
OmegaType says:
Nice game
RoyalAngel says:
Very fun and adictive game. I have made lots of new friends in this game. I love how it challenges you on every monster you fight, Even in the dungeons. I wouldn\'t choose any other game but this one.
Roxas727 says:
i love this game me and my girlfriend both play and love it
jerromie says:
kogy2 says:
this game is very nice. no spend AP~ very fun~
yowy777 says:
This game is awesome specially the guilds!! :P
titoide3 says:
XDX Cool to play ;)
jpnumber3 says:
i never addict mmorpg like this of long time
tsikoski says:
hi go eden :3
JelloShots69 says:
Thanks for the Crystal, I really enjoy playing the Game and I look forward to being involved with the game for many years to come... (Sigh) I need to get a social life.. LOL
ophelium says:
This game is awesome. Enough said. ~Nyanphy
dragonking999 says:
thanks for the crystal
kukuriman says:
so bullshit only received 1 crystal thought it was 1k crystal wtf lol false advertisement
finalduelist says:
dreamocracy says:
<3 Eden Eternal
F.T says:
Crystal =x
andhy123 says:
saging18 says:
<3 EC
trol says:
<3 eden e and EC
darrylbrittonpt says:
Gotta love EDEN! <3
Luksic says:
<3 EE is a good game.
nabilachaliq says:
I really like it!>v<
CatsRevenge says:
The best game is eden :D <3
Loverett says:
the best game ever *-*
nooblet says: