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Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Fast, action RPG requires players to manually swing weapons, cast spells, and use feats
  • Leveling is done solely through completing instanced quests, all with multiple difficulty levels
  • New content released roughly every 2-3 months
  • Players may choose between various subscription models: monthly fee with full content, free mode with limited content, or pay as you go content
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free - $14.99/mo Medium 3D Mixed Fantasy Medium High Arenas Low Medium
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tris6tan says:
i thought it was fun at first but after completing a few quest they all seemed the same and i feel it takes to long to lvl up
Taeriks says:
When I first played this just under a year ago I was new to this style of gaming. Now that I have gotten used to it, I believe its the best. Yes there are some parts to DDO that may seem redundant, but with the multitude of people playing it the game is quite interesting. tris6tan says: \"i thought it was fun at first but after completing a few quest they all seemed the same and i feel it takes to long to lvl up\" If u lvl up too fast in DDO you will miss most of the content in game. The purpose of DDO is not too level up as fast as you can, but to have fun, meet new people, make friends, quest with people from all over the world. I will definitely recommend this MMORPG to any gamer and friend. Thanks Turbine for producing the better game than wOw.
wtfail says:
Majority of the players are playing this game are playing only for favor, Turbine currency, and don\\\'t want to pick up new players or players who do not have any unlocked content. If you are new and join a party but don\\\'t know where a dungeon is, just drop party and find new one because they WILL KICK YOU ANYWAY. Guilds are also very useless in this game. Very, very useless. Did I mention how useless a guild is?
Skuzoid says:
At first its fun. But once you get to lvl 7+ you must group with other players to gain enough xp to level. Problem is in game mechanics such as guild buff ships slow down the game. If you enjoy sitting around waiting on other players to join a group then for them to run off for buffs taking 5-20m each well this is the game for you. there arnt enough players online to make this worth trying.
Darkquasar says:
Well I play it occasionally, Its slow going. Meeting new people in this game is not very fast The chat system is pretty dead. If I go into city areas I freeze up and then find myself floatin\' in the water, because my pressing the walk buttons during the 3 minute freeze up finally catches up with me. wtfail I agree completely about the useless guild feature. I found that if I stand around in the tavern and get into the spirit of things by chating about getting toshed on kobald brews and trashing on my naggin\' quest givers I get more of a response from other like minded old school D&D fanatics. Even with the help this nets me we will get midway into quest before one player or another \'freezes\' leaving me holdin the bag in a quest way over my head.. but hey its just another story to tell in chat from the rusty nail over a luke warm kobald.. Yeah good luck with this one they need a lot of work maybe another server or somthing..