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Dungeon Empires
  • Design dungeons for other players to explore and customize your rooms, creatures, and special abilities
  • Explore other player created dungeons with your own personal hero to improve your dungeon
  • Battles are turn based but most strategy comes from conserving mana to defeat difficult dungeons
  • Party exploration requires high levels so solo play is forced for a while, but graphics and music/sound are impressive for a browser game
  • Community not very responsive, some game elements are unclear, and it is hard to fully upgrade dungeons without purchasing virtual currency
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 3D Browser Fantasy High Medium Indirect Medium Medium
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Huntre says:
This game has a lot of good stuff going for it it just needs to work out the kinks. The style of play is great; train your hero and build up your dungeon while attacking other player owned dungeons. Almost all content in the game (excluding a few buff/restat kind of items) can be found so you wont feel left in the dust if you don\'t want to spend money. A few downsides is that a few features to ease use would be really nice. (a more in-depth sorting function for dungeons, all items in the online store, more incentives to raid high level dungeons, ect) These would really bump up my vote and make the game so much more enjoyable. The game is addicting and anyone that enjoys turn based fighting and the idea of creating a dungeon should try it out.