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Dragons of Atlantis
  • Typical slow speed open PvP city builder strategy game with a strong fantasy emphasis
  • Huge advantage for players that spend a lot of real money
  • More unit types than other competing free online strategy games but cool units like dragons just boil down to spreadsheet numbers
  • Moderately deep research tree gives players a lot to increase but feel too lackluster as you progress
  • Intuitive and long quest system always gives players objectives which keeps the game manageable in the early stages but progression feels too slow
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Low 2D Browser Fantasy Low High Open PvP Low Medium
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caelani says:
the game is a piece of shit, the support is bogus, and theres too much pay to win. dont even bother with this game. The support team will give you stupid answers to every thing you have an issue with their go to answer is to give u a link to their TROUBLESHOOTING page that tells you how to delete your browser cache. ive purchased rubies to try and get something in the game and never recieved then they told me i recieved them and already used them. then they add new content which creates bugs that wipe out your ENTIRE population of troops and then after 8 days of talking to them tell you that sorry your shit out of luck heres a pat on the head . game rates 1 in every way