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Dragon Eternity
  • Generic feeling fantasy browser MMORPG with added PvP arena features and round based combat
  • Every time you complete a quest the game annoyingly throws a pops up asking you to log in to Facebook
  • Combat requires no real thinking so without auto combat the game gets very tedious
  • Visually the game offers a striking color palette but lacks sound and music
  • Completely linear and bland progression with access to new magic and purchasable equipment poorly paced
  • The game is easier to use than many stand alone client MMORPGs but compared to competing browser MMORPGs can sometimes be counterintuitive
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 2D Browser Fantasy Low Low Arenas None Low
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bzip says:
though this game could be made good, the makes of the game are unwilling to address any in game errors and always claim player error except for the case of other players scamming you. the game is also geared to try to force players to buy large amounts of game currency just to be able to not be broke. crafting professions rather than being a source of useful goods or money require even more capital input, and again require either huge amounts of time (months) and money to get to anything of useful or a large investment of actual money.
Disenchanted says:
This game is great, as long as you have the cash to spend on it. It has been translated from a Russian game. Game is loaded with bugs that admin will not fix. PvP cashers are allowed, make that encouraged, to attack you constantly and destroy your gear. Admin seem to think this is ok. Current top player has invested over $12,000 USD into the game and does what he ever he wants to anyone and everyone.
Phydeux says:
They have ads for this game everywhere on the net; with descriptions and graphics that are completely misleading. It\\\'s free to play, but EVERYTHING requires you to buy game money - \\\'reals\\\'. They allowed me to sign up and play, but after i had a substantial investment in time, and had purchased game reals, they kicked me off because my character name wasn\\\'t kosher .... wish they would have told me before i bought game money. Anyone considering this game would be much better off playing WOW - they don\\\'t try to rip you off. Their advertising campaign knows no moral qualms: please take a moment and google 1227714_vb.jpg - you will see that the image is part of an advertisement whose text is: \\\'This X-Rated Game Is Worth Of Your Attention\\\' ... CmMon! .. i actually purchased their in-game currency (so i could advance past lvl10) ... then had my account canceled because my character name \\\'XTENZE\\\' was inappropriate. Think about it: ... They allowed the name at startup ... they didn\\\'t have a problem when i gave them money to purchase \\\'in game currency\\\' ... they have advertisements with verbage like \\\'This X-Rated Game Is Worth Of Your Attention\\\' ... but they cancelled my account for \\\'inappropriate character name\\\'?!?.