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Dark Orbit
  • Completely browser based space action gameplay
  • Outfit your ship with laser cannons, rockets, drones and defensive modifications
  • Exciting galaxy gates provide players the thrill of battling waves of hostile aliens for major rewards
  • Side with one of three companies and fight, trade, mine, and research your way to success
  • Open PvP outside of initial safe zones
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 2D Browser Space Medium Medium Open PvP Medium Medium
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southern817 says:
Normaly I don\'t go threw the trouble of making account just to comment on a game but this one I just had to . There seems to be a unending amount of bugs in the game . Grind is a under statement . This game offer very little in things to do as you play . There is really no kind of new player protection . So you will be killed so many time it make you want quit . But if you dont in hopes to gain a goliath star ship . So that you can get a more level playing field not going happen . As you will find there still way out of your playing field . There 3 companys so you get to meet only the other companys strongest players on the newbie map . If you can pass the frist 2 map you get blown up by your owen company as a reward . And get to enjoy starting back at base again , and again , and again . You have to be on your toes . They will perment ban you if you say some thing they dont like making you waste all your time you invested . Auto ban/mute system will mute you auto for thing you would not think would be that bad . In some cases not fair at all . You can be muted from at the least for a hour the frist time . And up to a month that i know of the second time . This is not for just saying some thing bad . But for just saying any thing they dont want you to . Dont have to pay but if you dont you will find your self a little short on uri . And time to repair willing take twice as long . Since you will be blown up in 1 to 4 shots . This will happen often . You will find your self sitting at base or a portal a lot .As the same player pound on you over and over with no damage protection . Try for your self but dont plain on it to change for you for a few months . You will be abused by the older players.
Darkquasar says:
Well southern does mention some of this games problems. I have played this game and tried it on a few of the servers for english speaking players. I must say that the activity, and players actions vary from server to server. There is 3 companys, Venus (VRU), Earth(EIC), and Mars(MMO). and they will vary server to server on who is in leading position etc.. This is a player versus player game with your \'team\' being ultimately the company you start in (or switch to later). Often times you can get shot down by other players on your team (for a loss of minimal game points for the killer) however if you group up or even just use the games chat function to say \'hey this guy just killed me for no reason\' you may find that it gets easier. Personally I just stayed on first map which protects new players till I figured out how to use the games concepts with a better understanding. Joining a clan can offer protection or get you chin deep in more enemys. The in game chat function is not as bad as southern states above there is auto ban in wich system boots a player for an hour if you get so heated that you resort to swearing. There is other system terms that focus on inane words or prefixes. (will also get you kicked out) However yet again the games chat system is more focused on general population, if you want download raidcall or use a team speak address. Every time they add a new feature (which is almost once a week) they have new glitches that pop up and takes them a few days to get smoothed over. Besides that there are hacks cheats glitch manipulations and \'bots\' that will drive you nuts. However if you stick in long enough and get with some other players even these disappointments can be entertaining. As most games of this type it is focused on the paying player but they do offer a good range of items in a bid type Trade section and if you get some decent advice and perhaps a loan of clan credits you can shave months off your slow climb up the ladder. I enjoy playing this game because its simple enough to play with a beer in one hand. There\'s a range of quests that mostly repeat by just adding numbers to the previous version, but its up to each player to decide where their focus is. If you enjoy tormenting other players, well go for it hopefully in the enemys section of maps. Play the quest lines or just aimlessly blast aliens. Or maybe just sit in the demilitarized zone and chat with everyone on \'global\' your team chat or with your buddies in a private room or outfit. Sometimes just using a cloaking device and picking up bonus boxes is fun. I wish they changed the background music, but I just shut it off and put some tunes on myself. There\'s a lot of aspects to developing your ship and you would do best to check out their \'forum\' section if you plan on getting involved.