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Cosmic Break
  • Arena based, mech combat, third person shooter with PvE and large scale PvP
  • Looks like an arcade game from 1995
  • No true overworld but players do fight for one of three factions which does make the game world feel more real
  • Lovers of techno music will get enjoyment out of Cosmic Break's Japanese-techno blend soundtrack
  • Many options for customization with dozens of mech choices and hundreds of component pieces
  • Many small team based missions and PvP matches with a variety of skill and strategy needed to win
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Cartoon Sci Fi Medium Medium Arenas None High
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Astral_Deity says:
Overall, it\'s a very fun game - High customization and skinning options on any robot you want. Switching parts and items to see what works and doesn\'t work in certain situations is extremely fun to do. And, this game can be entirely free to play all the way to the maximum in-game rank (Cosmic Hero (36)). Tons of ways for you to level your rank and your bots, different modes of fighting for your own personal tastes, and the option to just idly chat with others. However, the only downside that I can see to this game is the system of obtaining the most powerful robots - The Garapon. It\'s a gambling system in-game that you have to pay real cash to use, and since it\'s a gamble, you may or may not get what you\'re hoping to get that\'s inside of it.