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Cabal Online
  • Great combo system gives players a functional and visual system to make combat more exciting
  • Hundreds of originally designed dungeons
  • Small overworld zones cut out travel time but limit exploration
  • As musically similar to a rock concert as any MMORPG has been
  • Very little unique or interesting content available until higher levels
  • Story and theme near non-existant
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 3D Real Fantasy Low Medium Zone Based Low Medium
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KuroChan2012 says:
I have to say 9/10. In the beginning it may be a little boring - especially the quests. But with the time, there\'s a rly good and interesting story and seriously... one \"happening\" made me cry - and thats the best proof for a great mmo. I dont like boring MMOs and stop playing most of them after a short period of time. But Cabal is really great. What wants to be discovered by you: - Great and friendly community - Really good guides - Not much grinding -> Good quests - You dont have to invest real money, to be good or to have \"enough\" for your equippment (like in Flyff) - Great Combo and Party - System (as said here) - great Storyline - Good Graphics - Good Connection -> there are about 20 Channels per Server (makes 60 Channels in general) you can play on, so even if your connection isnt too good, there are always \"lower\" visited (sry for bad english) Channels. - And much more... just try it.^^