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Battlestar Galactica
  • Action oriented space MMO based on the most recent Battlestar Galactica TV series
  • Play as either a colonist or cylon and fight the other side for control of galactic sectors
  • Combines maneuverability and positioning of Freelancer type games with automated firing
  • Controls optimized for mouse and keyboard
  • Stellar 3D graphics for a browser MMORPG
  • Fully customizable ship parts including weapons, engines, hulls, computers, and more
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free Medium 3D Browser Sci Fi Medium Medium Faction War Low High
Battlestar Galactica User Reviews

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Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica

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lordbane666 says:
I really liked this game when I first started playing it, but that wore off quickly. The missions are redundant, and unless your willing to pay for this boring game, you have no chance in PvP. You have three things you can do in this game. Shoot up the worthless bots, do asteroid mining (yawn) or get blown up in the PvP battles. Keep doing these three things over and over again until you get sick of this game, or if you smart, steer clear of it.
Kartonis says:
one word to describe this game? Holyshitthiswasntevenworthmytime there ya go
Semedyno says:
Excellent game. Best Space fighting MMO Game ever!!!!!
Darkquasar says:
Well I was not fond of having to be stuck to both key-board and mouse at same time and wishing for a third hand and one of those hats you can stick your beer to and drink through a straw.. Graphics were cool i liked just spinning my ship in full radius circles getting dizzy and crashing into asteroids. (fortunately your ship comes well padded). The little meetings with your captain (I was cylon) I could have passed on. There\'s plenty room for improvement but I like where things are going still I have to rate this low as I couldn\'t stay focused on this very long and cant say I am setting any dates on my calendar to get back in there.
.digital. says:
I like the hackers in this game: I outfly them and outgun them but I still lose. I just Have to pretend I win.
Anonymous says:
If chuck Norris played BSGO, the hackers wouldn\'t be hackers, they would be Chuck Norris. Seriously alot of cheaters cheat on BSGO.
kyler says:
If chuck norris played bsgo, the dead players wouldn\'t be dead, they would be chuck norris. There are lots of complaints about lag and bad game action, which has to be caused by all of the external cheat programs being run on one server. Then again lots of players accuse other players of deliberately causing lag so go figure. You\'ll have to figure it out yourself since the game company does nothing about it.