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Batheo (2009) - Official Site
  • Ancient Greece strategy game where players forge an empire to battle AI and players for land
  • Customize your army formations for a tactical advantage
  • Train and equip individual heroes
  • Buildings and recruits are produced instantly with a cooldown timer for upgrades
  • Conquer a large world map alongside allies with a full league alliance system
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 2D Browser Historical Medium High Open PvP Medium Low
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Baenre says:
Just another Chinese pay to play game, where they lure you in then dramatically change the game. In one year they have gone through 3 major updates, destroyed the game play and unless you are willing to shell out alot of money, don\'t bother. Game is bugged, and relying on \"batheo luck\" that is controlled by the developers is ridiculous. Their latest trick is to ask players for their \"strategy\" to play. Pretty see through that they use these contest to figure out how their customer base is succeeding, and will tweek the game in the next version. They cater to whiners from facebook, who believe it is a social game ala Zynga, as opposed to a war game. Now that there have been so many complaints lodged against them and Clapalong the Customer Service side, they have resorted to tagging accounts they feel are a problem, and including a phone number to \"Peter\" to handle the calls. Save your time and money, and if you want to spend money on a game, try a real one with a monthly subscription, not these reverse engineered, copy cat poorly written Chinese games.