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  • Play a high level character during the tutorial
  • Fight daily to occupy territories for your faction or guild
  • Battle commanders can assign orders to other players by way of the command system mini map.
  • Fight for one of three kingdoms to acquire powerful treasure
  • One of the largiest bestiaries amongst adventure games online with over 5,000 monsters to encounter
Cost Grinding Style Genre Uniqueness Usability PvPing Crafting Customizing
Free High 3D Cartoon Fantasy Low Medium Faction War Low Medium
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Kartonis says:
alright game some unique classes and races very laggy but that may just be me quest are bad and boring nothing new
krodon1 says:
I\'ve been playing this game for about a year now if you include it\'s non international game Gates of Anderon (I don\'t know how you spell it). So my official report on this game is it has a story, but not a good one. It\'s classes are fun to play, but not entirely original ideas (although the game play for the classes is great). You start out with an option of 2 factions and each has it\'s own quests but past level 9 you do repeatable quests for the rest of the game. In general the games quests are really bad and are only fun when playing with friends. As for PVP it has some of the best PVP I\'ve ever seen and is basically the only reason you actually put all the work into these quests. As for the fairness of the game it has a cash shop where if you pay enough money you can\'t be stopped so that cuts into the PVP A LOT. For a final statement of this game I got to give it a 7/10 mainly just because the PvP is so epic that it makes you want to do the reps and buy the gear. So if you excuse me I\'m a huge fan of PvP so I\'m gonna get out of here and play on my level 35 human priest :D