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Create your own mythology stories and become one of the ancient heroes of the world. Interact with the most powerful gods conceived of by our ancestors through games based on mythology. Research strange mythological symbols in one of these many mythology MMORPG games. From greek mythology games to an obscure english and celtic folklore game you will find a home to create your own legendary stories. Play one of these mythology MMORPGs below and live in a historical fantasy online RPG with thousands others.
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Trojan War thumbnail
Strategy MMO founded in Greek mythology complete with city building, armies, heroes, and godly powers..


562 votes

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Grepolis thumbnail
MMO strategy game with a large variety of units and mythological god powers..


1349 votes

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Forsaken World thumbnail
Blends world mythology to create a new mythological world with typical fantasy classes but also vampires..


2107 votes

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Atlantica Online thumbnail
Control your own party of 9 characters in combat..


1080 votes

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Talisman Online thumbnail
Similar to World of Warcraft but with more of a mythological feel..


836 votes

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GodsWar Online thumbnail
Ancient Greece Greek mythology theme..


861 votes

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Dark Age of Camelot thumbnail
Fight for control of castles and relics on one of three sides during the time of Arthurian legend with Norse and Celtic Mythology..


935 votes

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