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MMORPG Achievements: Unlocked

Life in an MMORPG world is not simply about leveling up and obtaining the rarest weapons. Achievements are finding their ways into almost all new MMORPGs as another component of the game for players to sink time into. Read about general achievements as well as three particular games that have brought some interesting innovation to the table in terms of unlockable MMORPG achievements. ... (See MMORPG Achievements)
Posted Oct 19, 2011

5 Worst MMO Customer Service Flubs

When it comes to MMORPGs, customer service is an especially big deal. You're playing in a world filled with other players competing for resources, spawns, and everything else - if you lose time or resources you've already won fairly, you're screwed. ... (See MMO Customer Service)
Posted Oct 12, 2011

Top 9 MMORPG Abilities

The top abilities by looks, effect, implications, reservations, salvations, and desecrations. More or less. ... (See MMORPG Abilities)
Posted Oct 6, 2011

Coolest 7 Weapoins in MMORPGs

There are various ways to kill enemies and other players in MMORPGs. Physical weapons are but one of those ways. This is a list of some of the popular and cool weapons that can be found in MMORPGs. ... (See Cool Weapons)
Posted Sep 27, 2011

6 Unique, No Subscription MMORPGs Available Now

As MMORPG veterans tire of games that feel way too similar to one another, they look for something new and refreshing. These 6 games all offer a truly different experience - without any subscription fees! ... (See Unique MMORPGs)
Posted Sep 18, 2011

5 Historic Assassinations of Character and Guild

If you thought assassinations, internal organizational strife, and spies were limited to the real-world then think again. Here we will take a look at some of the more famous accounts of powerful virtual leaders of men falling to individuals, groups, or even to their own foolishness. ... (See MMORPG Assassinations)
Posted Sep 3, 2011

Federation No Longer Seeking Drama Queens

Being a part of a more personal community in a MMORPG certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, but the greatest disadvantage has to be the drama. This was certainly true of my experience in Star Trek Online, much to the chagrin of Captain Picard. ... (See STO Drama)
Posted Aug 1, 2011

Adventure MMORPGs - Choices, Choices

Anyone interested in playing an adventure MMORPG can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the vast number of games available. Even within a specific genre of adventure games such as fantasy MMORPG or space MMORPG, the sheer amount of options available can leave any player wondering how to choose between them. So how can you avoid wasting time playing the wrong adventure MMORPG? ... (See Adventure MMORPG)
Posted Jul 22, 2011

Sony Closes the Gateway to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Galaxies is set to close at the end of 2011. Has it merely 'run its course' or is the game being pulled in order to bring more focus onto BioWare's upcoming title, targeted for release around the same time? ... (See SWG Closes)
Posted Jul 8, 2011

Gaming Blogs You Didn't Know Existed Part III

The third in an infinite series of articles exploring new or unknown gaming blogs. Today we discuss MMO blogs written by female gamers - not only are the blogs awesome to read but more girls in gaming is always good. ... (See Gaming Blogs by Girls)
Posted Jun 29, 2011

Storytelling in MMORPG Worlds

Game developers have a unique set of opportunities and challenges in MMORPG stories. How have game developers contended with these challenges? And what is in store for the future of online role-playing games? ... (See MMORPG Stories)
Posted Jun 13, 2011

Virtual Currency Exchange

Players have the opportunity to make out of game transactions with real world currency, and then return to the game world to have the goods delivered to them. As these transactions have become more and more common, the laws of economics have caused approximate exchange rates to emerge between online and offline currencies. ... (See Virtual Currency Exchange)
Posted Jun 6, 2011

Blog Post: MMORPGs Need More Niche

This blog post was written last week but is highlighted for users interested in a bit more of an editorial opinion. Within it, the blog post explains how there's really no room left for innovation in the MMORPG market. This is actually a good thing though because it allows for developers to focus on MMORPG niches that more players will enjoy without as much development costs. ... (See Niche MMORPGs)
Posted Jun 2, 2011

Famous MMORPG Hacks, Bugs, & Glitches

The constant modification and advancement of MMO games has allowed for a myriad of bugs and glitches to arise, as would be the case with any computer program. These are a few of the most famous MMORPG hacks, bugs, and glitches. ... (See MMORPG Bugs)
Posted May 29, 2011

Introduction to Open Ended Games

One of the major trends in computer and video games in the last few years has been the rise of open ended games. These games, also called non-linear games or sandbox games, are known for the open nature of their environments and storylines. They can be overwhelming to the uninitiated so this article serves to assist new open ended gamers whether it be for single or multi player RPGs. ... (See Open Ended Games)
Posted May 19, 2011

Are Free Multiplayer War Games for You?

By taking characteristics from both the MMORPG and strategy game genres, free online strategy games can be a lot of fun for a wide variety of players, even those who might not have originally thought of multiplayer strategy games as something they would be interested in. By taking a look at a few of the things that make these games unique, we will try to answer the question, are free multiplayer war games for you? ... (See Free Multiplayer War Games)
Posted May 13, 2011

Toppling the Giant: Where is WoW's Competition?

Whether you tried to play WoW and didn't like it, or if you burned out on it, you may still be interested in checking out some of the most similar and recent pay to play MMORPG titles - or at least ones that started out as pay to play MMOs. ... (See WoW's Competition)
Posted May 10, 2011

Flash MMORPG Optimization Tips

Thanks to breakthroughs in Internet bandwidth and flash graphics in the past couple of years, browser games have seen new levels of success in the gaming community, particularly in the field of flash MMORPGs. ... (See Flash MMORPGs)
Posted May 4, 2011

Virtual Goods - Why the Virtual Market is Here to Stay

Game studios have started to monetize their games by offering virtual goods and content to purchase. It's an interesting development that only continues to grow in popularity. ... (See Virtual Goods)
Posted Apr 23, 2011

DDO VIP and Premium Player Programs

While a huge amount of content can be accessed from a free DDO account, the DDO VIP program is considered by most players to be the pinnacle of what the title has to offer. ... (See DDO VIP)
Posted Apr 16, 2011

Browser Based MMO Games on the RIse

Browser based MMOs continue to grow in popularity, bolstered by the appeal of limited to no downloads required. Now that comes with more and more variety. ... (See Browser Based MMO)
Posted Apr 7, 2011

Leeroy Jenkins Grouping for Noobs

Leeroy Jenkins, in his amazingly stupid but funny video, not only entertains we MMO gamers but shows us 5 things to better improve our game play. ... (See Leeroy Jenkins)
Posted Apr 3, 2011

Gaming Blogs & Sites You Didn't Know Existed Part II

The second in an infinite series of articles exploring new or unknown gaming blogs. In this edition I look at Anime Sentinel, MMO Game Site, and Psychochild's Blog. That scales us from general online gaming to anime to game development! ... (See Gaming Blogs II)
Posted Mar 30, 2011

That Special MMORPG with Pets

A more unusual, but gaining in popularity, subgenre in the online RPG space is the MMORPG with pets. Adding a pet mechanic to the game introduces another level of complexity in that players need to control not just their characters, but also one or more additional beasts or minions. ... (See MMORPG with Pets)
Posted Mar 23, 2011

Rift Soul System Introduction

Developer Trion Worlds recently released Rift: Planes of Telara in the United States, Australia and Europe to rave reviews and some truly astonishing subscriber numbers. For a game that has taken some of the best ideas and features from Warhammer: Online, Lord of the Rings: Online and Aion, how is it managing to differentiate itself from the crowd while other titles languish? The answer lies in the Rift Soul System, a unique new twist on creating class archetypes for players. ... (See Rift Soul System)
Posted Mar 19, 2011

Top 10 Memorable MMORPG Music Tunes

Long after canceling your account and wiping a game from your hard drive, many memories of your old MMORPG may remain. One of the ways we experience those memories is through sound. Scores and compositions cooperate with visuals to craft the overall atmosphere of a game. Within those scores are the individual tracks and tunes that bring back waves of nostalgia. So come, stay a while and listen. Enjoy the top 10 (+1) most memorable MMORPG music tunes! ... (See MMORPG Tunes)
Posted Mar 14, 2011

Five Benefits of MMORPGs

Frequently gamers are told how their hobbies are destroying society by not evidence, but conjecture. MMORPG players, however, can rest on science that there hobby brings many personal benefits. ... (See Benefits of MMORPGs)
Posted Feb 17, 2011

Gaming Blogs You Didn't Know Existed: Part I

The first in an infinite series of articles exploring new or unknown gaming blogs. In this edition I look at MMO Symposium, Khushi, and Game Writer Central which should offer something especially for fans of EQ2, TERA, and scifi/humor, respectively. ... (See Game Blogs I)
Posted Jan 22, 2011

Arenas in MMORPGs and E-Sports

Arenas in MMORPGs have provided the world with a new environment for gamers to compete in, winning in game items or sometimes real life cash and prizes. ... (See Arenas)
Posted Jan 8, 2011

BGG.con vs. QuakeCon - For The Love of Gaming

BGG.con and QuakeCon are two of the largest gaming conventions in the world with a surprisingly low cross rate. Both are in Dallas and both boast one of the largest gaming events in the world - QuakeCon drawing about 3,000 and BGG.con drawing 1,000. Both are fun getaways with great people that really enhance the gaming experience past simply playing at home. Yet attending one doesn't really do anything to prepare you for the other. They are as unique as the people who participate. ... (See Gaming Conventions)
Posted Dec 5, 2010

Gaia Online - An Anime RPG Community Spotlight

Featuring graphics simple enough to play on almost any computer and a rich variety of games and activities, Gaia Online provides a reliable social hub for fans of anime and RPGs. The Gaia Online community is active enough to be seen at major anime/gaming conventions across the United States, where players convene to cosplay and get unique items for their avatars. Will you be joining their ranks in 2011? ... (See Gaia Community)
Posted Nov 22, 2010

Dreams and Realities: Four Intellectual Properties MMO Gamers Need

With fan bases already built up many publishers are looking at existing IPs before deciding to create their own. These are the ones fans need the most so read carefully! ... (See MMO IP)
Posted Nov 16, 2010

The Evolution of Fast Leveling MMORPGs

The speed at which players progress through modern, mainstream MMORPGs have changed dramatically since their inception. Some would say this is for the better and some not so much but what's sure is that the industry isn't changing anytime soon. ... (See Fast Leveling)
Posted Oct 25, 2010

Community is More Than a Game

MMORPGs are very special in that the greatest tasks are not possible to accomplish without the help of some friends. Because of this communities can form that are so tightly knit the friendships carry over into real life.
Posted Sept 29, 2010

Best and Worst Cancelled MMORPGs

Dedicated fan-bases just can’t say good-bye to their favorite MMORPGs. This is the story of both: the games that deserved to die, and the games good enough to save. ... (See Cancelled MMORPGs)
Posted Sept 9, 2010

Funcom: The Price of a Bad Launch

Age of Conan and Anarchy Online. Both games flopped their first year, yet both games continue to be played and have even become popular. Yet, how much was lost, and how high is the price of a bad launch?
Posted Aug 22, 2010

Continuing the Legacy: The New Final Fantasy Game

Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy MMORPG promises upgraded graphics, new play mechanics, and a commitment to the most popular tropes of the series could mean good things for this well known franchise.
Posted Aug 4, 2010

What is Power Leveling?

Power leveling is a prevalent concept that has been around as long as levels have existed in MMORPGs - forever. If you've never been quite sure, discover it's definition here.
Posted Jul 24, 2010

Pushing the Edge; Innovative and Unique MMORPG Experiences

To bring players a unique playing experience, MMORPG developers are pushing technology to its limits. It's a difficult task, but one with an epic payoff. ... (See Innovative MMORPGs)
Posted Jul 16, 2010

PVP Combat in MMORPGs: the Thrill of the Kill

What is Player vs. Player combat? What is it all about? More importantly, is an MMORPG that focuses on PvP an MMORPG for you? ... (See PvP Combat)
Posted Jul 8, 2010

World Cup Soccer MMORPGs - FIFA Meets Warcraft

The complete list of soccer and football MMORPGs. Be a player, be a manger, be a coach in a persistent, competitive soccer universe. ... (See Soccer MMORPGs)
Posted Jun 29, 2010

The Cost to Make a Quality MMORPG

MMORPGs must be expensive to make to charge $15/month, right? Read about the overall costs to develop both bigger and smaller name MMORPGs. ... (See MMORPG costs)
Posted Jun 22, 2010

Women's Appearance in MMORPGs - East vs. West

Posted Jun 17, 2010

Find a New MMORPG in 7 Simple Steps

Posted Jun 10, 2010

Celebrity MMO Gamers - Who is Slaying Dragons With Me?

Read about the MMORPGs that popular celebrities, actors, atheletes, and rock stars play. They may not shout it to the heavens but they are there and some will definitely surprise you.
Posted Jun 6, 2010

Indie MMORPG Developers Making Great Games

Posted May 30, 2010

Good MMORPGs for Free? Yes!

Posted May 24, 2010