About the Digital Dragons Comics At What MMORPG

Who writes the Digital Dragons comic?

Chris Malkin writes the script outlines for Digital Dragons. He's a big gamer that's been involved with What MMORPG in a few different capacities almost since it's opened. He thinks he's amusing, but if you agree please don't let him know. Like other self proclaimed "great" authors his name does tend to change from time to time.

Who illustrates the Digital Dragons comic?

Digital Dragons has had a few artists recently, but Derek Bacon was brought on to add some long standing presence to the comic's illustrations. He is both an artist, gamer, and game designer. You can check out his portfolio online.

When do you update Digital Dragons?

We are now updating every Tuesday and Thursday sometime around noon CST. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to get notices as soon as a new comic is ready.

Is there anything else to be aware of with these comics?

Mouseover the text of the comics. It will amaze, shock, horrify, and/or sadden you. How can you resist!